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A 92-year-old man pirates movies, then sends them to soldiers overseas!

One of the world’s biggest DVD bootlegger is a 92 year old World War II veteran living in New York. Hyman Strachman is five feet five inches tall and just wanted to keep busy after his wife passed away.

He sends hundreds of thousands of bootlegged DVDs to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He completely realizes his actions violate copyright laws and that he is breaking laws, but he feels he is doing a patriotic duty keeping the soldiers in on what is going on in the U.S. Strachman is seen as a patriotic hero to soldiers who feel reconnected through the DVDs.

The government isn’t going to touch Strachman either, because of his age. It really isn’t worth their time to put a 92 year old “hero” to prison for the rest of his short life. Strachman doesn’t see any point in it, because the troops are coming home soon enough and he won’t continue once they are back stateside.


Crocodiles eat stones to dive deeper!

Looks like crocodiles also get deeper when they’re stoned.

Crocodiles intentionally ingest stones and, if they’re large enough, rocks. This serves a couple purposes. For one thing, it aids crocodiles with their digestion. For another, it adds weight to them so that they are able to stay submerged under water. Usually, they only ingest enough to keep them submerged for an hour.

On average, crocodiles contain 10-15 pounds of stone in it's stomach. The stones must fill them up as crocodiles are not heavy or frequent eaters. Since they are slow-moving and cold blooded, they can survive on about the same amount of food as a bird.


Peach pits contain cyanide!

Calm down, you don’t have to start disposing of all the peaches in your fridge or collecting them as ammunition for a potential zombie apocalypse. Yes, 100 g of moist peach seed contains 88 mg of cyanide. And yes, eating 100 g of peach seed wouldn’t be the safest thing to do.

However, one peach pit weighs only 10 grams. So, if you ate an entire pit (although, why would you?), You would only ingest 9mg of cyanide, and this cyanide would be in the form of amygdalin which is esteemed an anti-cancer drug. The actual pulp of the peach, assuming the seed isn’t cracked, contains virtually no cyanide.


A female Komodo dragon can give birth without a male!

The female Komodo dragon is one independent woman. Mating for the dragon begins between May and August. About 20 eggs are laid in September in abandoned megapode nests or in self-dug nesting holes.

The eggs are incubated for seven to eight months and hatch in April. They need for be protected for while as they are especially vulnerable to predators and cannibalistic adults. However, if the female Komodo dragon cannot find a suitable mate, she can just make one.

Even if the female Komodo dragon doesn’t have her eggs fertilized by a male, she can still lay them. However, the offspring will only be male. These offspring can go on to reproduce with the mother to produce both male and female offspring. It’s like a lizard version of Oedipus Rex.


The ACT is now more popular than the SAT!

The SAT has historically been more popular than the ACT. This doesn’t mean that students preferred the SAT over the ACT – they would probably prefer to take neither. It does mean that more students took the SAT than the ACT. In 1986, 1,000,748 students took the SAT compared to 730,000 who took the ACT. In 1996, 1,084,725 students took the SAT while 924,663 took the ACT.

Slowly, the number of college applicants taking the ACT began to creep up. Finally, in 2012, the ACT’s popularity surpassed that of the SAT. That year, 1,666,017 students took the ACT and 1,664,479 took the SAT. This is most likely due to the fact that the ACT is a more consumer-friendly exam.

Its writing section is optional so if a school doesn’t require a writing score, students don’t have to complete this. There is no deduction for wrong answers so it is alright to guess. The ACT offers “score choice” so students can eliminate one day’s bad score if they need to. The ACT also does a better job of marketing itself to states as a replacement for high school exit exams.



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