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The London Underground has seen more than 145 suicides in 10 years!

The London Underground holds to records: One of the most famous train stations in the world and one of the most likely places in the world to witness a suicide. It’s readily accessible from almost everywhere in London, and has some of the fasted and heaviest trains in Europe. People jump in front of oncoming trains on a weekly basis.

The most popular suicide station is King’s Cross St.Pancras, while 145 people have jumped the Northern Line between 2001 and 2011. These occurrences have become so common that their status has become that of a routine nuisance. Delays caused by jumpers are called with code names such as “passenger action” or “one under.”

The water drain openings many stations’ tracks feature are commonly called “suicide pits” since the jumpers who fall into them have a better chance of survival.The survivors however, are charged with a number of misdemeanors and the bodies of successful jumpers are put into a cleaning cupboard until the authorities arrive.


The Beatles stopped touring because their fans screamed louder than any amplifier known to man!

There’s no arguing that The Beatles were (and still are) an immensely popular band. But, it turns out that this very popularity caused them to stop performing live. Their crowds were so enthusiastic that after a while, their music could not be heard over their screaming.

During preparations for the US tour, they traded in their usual Vox AC30 amplifiers for more powerful 100-watt amplifiers especially designed by Vox for them. However, these speakers were still struggled to complete with the noisy masses. Over time, the band grew increasingly bored with live performances and recognized that their shows were no longer about the music. So, they decided to make the August tour their last.


15 Facts That Will Change How You See Your Dog

Moose, the dog from Frasier, got more fan mail than any of the human actors!

Moose the dog was a Jack Russell Terrier most famous for his portrayal of Eddie Crane, the dog on the sitcom Frasier. He was born on Christmas Eve, 1990 and died on June 22, 2006 after a long and storied career. While he was the youngest puppy in the litter, he was also the largest, and considered to be a troublemaker by its owner.

He was trained for 6 months and landed the role of Eddie. He had the ability to fix on Kelsey Grammer with a long hard stare and it became a sight gag on the show. The dog became so popular that he got more fan mail than any of the human actors on the show!

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There is a shark-infested lake in an Australian golf-course!

A flood several years back in Australia displaced a handful of bull sharks to a lake in a golf course. These bull sharks thrived and even started breeding. Bull shark are able to live fresh and brackish water, but bull sharks living in lakes is something quite rare.

The sharks are beloved by the employees and golfers. “You can’t believe how close you are…just six feet away,” says club general manager Scott Wagstaff, “I’ve become a shark lover since working here.” Golfers often pause during games for a few minutes to see if they can spot the sharks before they head off to the next tee.

This warm welcome is unusual considering how sharks are usually treated by humans. Somewhere around 80 million or more sharks are caught every year, mostly for their fins. Their population has dropped over 90% in some places. Some hope that these bull sharks can convince people that sharks are worth conserving.


Famous actor Steve McQueen was almost killed by Charles Manson!

Charles Manson is one of the most notorious murders in US history. After he lead the murder of five people, including Steve McQueen’s friends Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring at Tate’s home on August 9th 1969, it was reported that McQueen himself was a potential target of the killers.

The police found a hit list with McQueen’s name on it. The reason why Manson wanted to blow his brains out? McQueen’s company rejected a Manson screenplay. In 2011, it was revealed that Sebring invited McQueen to a party at Tate’s house on that unfortunate night. Fortunately, McQueen’s girlfriend suggested that they stay home, and they did.



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