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James Woods reported the 4 terrorists of 9/11 before the attack! Nobody believed him!

In late August of 2001, James Woods was on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles, California.

On the flight, while being in first class, he noticed 4 men nearby him acting very suspiciously. He stated that they never drank anything, ordered food, service, talked or had any kind of interaction with anybody. They were just whispering to each other as if they were planning something.

James Woods reports his suspicions upon arrival to police officers at the Airport and it reached the FBI but they did not worry or take it seriously. 2 weeks later the 9/11 attacks occurred. Woods was interviewed several times by FBI Agents and Woods has confirmed that after looking at the pictures that two of the hijackers were the men that he had seen on his flight.

Woods sat with the terrorist for an entire six-hour flight, where he studied their conducts and watched them very closely. Authorities didn’t pay him that much attention back then and hence a lot of lives were lost.

Hopefully now they take reports from passengers more seriously.


Auto Tune is considered one of the 50 worst inventions ever!

Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies, which uses a proprietary device to measure and alters pitch in vocal and instrumental music recording and performances through use of a phase vocoder.

In other words; if you suck at singing, auto-tune will make your voice sound like an angel’s choir.

However, this invention made Time Magazine’s 50 worst inventions! Time Magazine describes it as “a technology that can make bad singers sound good and really bad singers sound like robots. And it gives singers who sound like Kanye West or Cher the misplaced confidence that they too can croon”.

Time Magazine isn't the only one that criticizes auto-tune. There are several newspapers, shows and even artists report it's negative impact on the music industry. There are many singers and bands that have also hit out at it!


The oldest person that has ever lived in the new millennium was 116 years old!

Up until December of last year, Besse Cooper was the oldest person on Earth.

She was born on August 26, 1896 in Tennessee, Besse worked as a teacher and moved to Georgia in her early 20s. When asked what her secret to life was she said, “I mind my own business and don’t eat junk food.” For her 116th birthday, the state of Georgia even named a bridge in her honor!

She is one of only eight people verified to have lived to the age of 116. She married Luther Cooper and had four children with him, having her first child at age 33. Her husband died at the age of 68 in December 1963. Following her husband’s death, she lived alone on their farm until 2001.

She finally spent her last years at a nursing home and died of respiratory failure on December 4, 2012. At the time of her 116th birthday in August 2012, she had four children, 11 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

She experienced a lot of important historical events through her life and she will always be remembered as a great woman by her loved ones!


Andy from Toy Story doesn't have a dad because animating him would've been too expensive!

Toy story is the first feature-length computer-animated film and the first film produced by Pixar. It was released by Walt Disney Pictured in 1995.

Pixar, who had been producing short animated films to promote their computers, was approached by Disney to produce a computer-animated feature after the success of one of their short. Toy Story went to earn over $361 million worldwide.

Reviews were entirely positive, praising both the animation’s technical innovation and the screenplay’s wit and sophistication, and it is now widely considered by many critics to be one of the best animated films ever made. However, the main intrigue about this movie until now has been “What happened to Andy’s father?”

Some people think that he died when Andy was young, others think that his mom is divorced and there are many other versions of what happened to him. In reality, NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE.

Pixar couldn't afford animating his dad back then, since animating humans back then was very expensive. Also, Andy’s dad was not necessary to the story since Toy Story focuses on Buzz and Woody’s friendship rather than Andy’s personal life.


15 Arcade And Casino Facts You Never Would Have Guessed

One of Saturn’s moons closely resembles the Death Star and Pac-Man.

Discovered in 1789, Mimas is the twentieth-largest of Saturn’s 62 moons. It is also the smallest known astronomical body that is thought to be have a round shape due to self-gravitation. Other than that, Mimas is largely unremarkable...unless you are a nerd! From the right angle, anyone who is familiar with the Star Wars films will immediately notice an uncanny resemblance to a certain weaponized space station! This unusual comparison is due to the fact that its surface is marred by an enormous indentation called the Herschel Crater that looks just like the Death Star’s superlaser!

Another geeky reference can be seen when looking at a map of daytime surface temperatures on Mimas. As with most normal celestial bodies, scientists expected that Mimas would exhibit a temperature reading much like that of Earth - warmer temperatures near the moon’s equator in the early afternoon that taper off as you move away from the center of the moon. However, this was not the case. For some reason the hottest temperatures were registered in the morning along the moon’s edge, in a pattern that looks just like Pac-Man, from the famous arcade game! Scientists expect that Mimas’s irregular heat pattern was likely caused by the impact which created the Herschel Crater many years ago. 


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