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The largest stadium in the world staged an execution in the late 1990s!

Also known as Rungnado May Day Stadium. It is a multi-purpose stadium located in North Korea. It is regarded as the largest stadium in the world, with a capacity of 150,000!

Some of the events that is currently used for include football (soccer) matches, athletic matches, and most often for Arirang performances (gymnastics). Even though the stadium is used for sporting events, it is more famous as the site of massive performances and shows celebrating Kim II-sung and the North Korean nation.

This stadium was even recognized by The Guinness Book of Records for holding the largest events in the world. This stadium has not only witnessed sport events, but assassination too!

In the late 1990s, there was a number of North Korean army generals implicated in an assassination attempt on Kim Jong-il. And therefore, were executed via burning in the stadium!How amazing would it be if 150,000 people could be at a stadium during the final match of a FIFA world cup or Super bowl!


In pirated versions of Settlers III, Iron Smelters only produced pigs. Players couldn't make weapons!

The first game in The Settlers series came out in 1993. There are eight games in the series, including remakes. Theoriginal game was a slow-paced simulation video game and the first of it's type. At the time, the game could control a maximum of 64,000 individuals all behaving autonomously.

The Settlers III continued in the real-time strategy video game and the second sequel to The Settlers released in 1998. The most notable difference between this game and its two predecessors is that there are no more roads—all units, including carriers with goods, can walk around freely. This simplifies the building of a settlement, since only the distances between buildings are relevant, and not how roads can be constructed between them.

Military units are now directly controlled, making fighting more similar to games like Command & Conquer or Age of Empires, than to the previous Settlers games. Settlers III was also famous for it's peculiar copy protection: In pirated versions of the game, iron smelters would only produce pigs instead of iron, which made weapon production impossible.


In Japan it is acceptable to fall asleep on the job; it shows you're working hard!

Recent research shows that one in three people have some sort of sleep problem. Power naps became popular in the 1980s as an effective restorative power to catch up on sleep. Today, people have a hard time shutting down early and getting proper sleep.

Napping at work isn’t acceptable in the UK or in the U.S., But it is in Japan. The term they use is “inemuri” meaning “to be asleep while present.” Inemuri is thought of as a dedication and hard work to the job. It’s seen as exhaustion from working too hard and therefore praised.

Some Japanese even fake a nap to appear dedicated to the job. There are strict rules that are applied to inemuri. Only the higher ups and lower end workers in a company are allowed to partake in inemuri and they have to stay sitting up to appear to be still socially engaged.


15 Dangers That You Could Easily Overlook

There’s a life-threatening disorder that makes pee smell like maple syrup!

The maple syrup urine disease affects infants and is so named because it causes the urine to have a sweet maple syrup scent. The disease is technically called branched-chain ketoaciduria. It is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder affecting branched-chain amino acids. There are various forms of the disease and the classic form is the most serious. The disease affects 1 out of 180,000 infants.

Interestingly, the disease affects Amish, Mennonite, and Jewish children the most. Babies affected by the disease eat poorly, vomit, become dehydrated easily, lethargy, have seizures and neurological decline. It’s a very serious disease and can be fatal if not properly managed. Dietary restrictions and frequent blood chemistry testing is done.

Apart from the sweet smelling urine, the ear wax can also be affected by a sweet smell. Infants appear healthy at first, but if the disease goes untreated, then brain damage and death can occur.


A 92-year-old man pirates movies, then sends them to soldiers overseas!

One of the world’s biggest DVD bootlegger is a 92 year old World War II veteran living in New York. Hyman Strachman is five feet five inches tall and just wanted to keep busy after his wife passed away.

He sends hundreds of thousands of bootlegged DVDs to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He completely realizes his actions violate copyright laws and that he is breaking laws, but he feels he is doing a patriotic duty keeping the soldiers in on what is going on in the U.S. Strachman is seen as a patriotic hero to soldiers who feel reconnected through the DVDs.

The government isn’t going to touch Strachman either, because of his age. It really isn’t worth their time to put a 92 year old “hero” to prison for the rest of his short life. Strachman doesn’t see any point in it, because the troops are coming home soon enough and he won’t continue once they are back stateside.



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