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In the 1960s the USAF brought cats into a weightless environment!

The United States Air Force did a little bit of investigative work in the best way imaginable – they put cats in a weightless environment.

Why? Well, they wanted to see what would happen to a cat’s instinct to land on it's feet if it weren’t falling at all. It looks like the cats are terrified for their lives, but it is absolutely adorable.


Thin Mints are 1/4 of all Girl Scout Cookie Sales!

This shouldn’t even be a surprise to you, Thin Mints are the most delicious cookie to hit the face the Earth…except for maybe Oreos. Thin Mints are terribly bad for you though, even though the box says ‘0 Trans fat’, the serving size is just so small that they are allowed to say that.

What’s really fascinating about Girl Scout Cookies is the fact that there is 28 different types of cookies that you can buy, and Thin Mints are 25% of those sales, which means not many people like those other cookies very much.

The cookies are consistently delicious, even though most years the baking company switches. The more you know, right?


There is a positive correlation between country music and suicide rates in metropolitan areas.

We all know art is inspired by life. But we sometimes forget that art has HUGE effect on life as well. So much so, that it is even directly involved in deaths. A multiple regression analysis of 49 metropolis areas show that the greater the airtime devoted the country music, the greater the white suicide rate.

This effect is independant of divorce, poverty, and gun availibility. In other words, it seems like country music not only correlates with suicide rates but also, to some degree, causes the suicide rates. Some researchers hypothesize that this may be because the themes found in country music (heartbreak, lonliness, isolation, etc.)

Foster a suicidal mood among people who are depressed. To read the full report, check out the source!


In 2011, McDonald’s turned away a higher % of applicants than Harvard!

McDonalds is a popular first job for many high school kids in the United States. However, as the economy struggled in the years surrounding 2011, more and more people saw themselves in the need for an easy-to-get, low-paying job.

However, they found it was not the case during the latest recession. In a 2011 National Hiring Day, McDonalds only accepted 6.2% of people who applied. Compare that to Harvard, which accepts 7% of their applicants.


In 2012, an ancient Roman trading ship was found off the coast of Italy in good condition!

In 2012, a Roman trading ship dating back to the times of the Caesars was discovered off the coast of Italy. The ship was apparently in such good shape that some of the food was still preserved inside the storage jars. Police divers found the ship preserved within a layers of mud at a depth of 230 feet in water near Genoa.

The ship sank on it's trade route between Spain and Italy with more than 200 jars of amphorae. The jars contained pickled fish, grain, wine, and oil. Some of the jars were picked up by fishing nets, which is what got the police divers searching to begin with.

Police continued to guard the site while archeologists figured out what to do with the find. The find dates back more approximately between the 1st and 2nd centuries B.C. When Julius Caesar and his imperial heirs held power in Rome.



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