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After being attacked by a bear, a man spent $150,000 to make a bear-proof suit that turned out to be useless!

Troy Hurtubise encountered a grizzly while in the woods one day. There is no good reason why he is still alive. Hurtubise entered a meadow and spotted the large grizzly. Instead of slowly backing away and leaving the bear alone, Hurtubise decided to taunt it.

His yelling understandably irritated the bear and it lunged at him. It hit him in the chest and sent him sprawling. Hurtubise realized just how close to death he was but refused to back down. For some reason, the grizzly simply turned and walked away.

After the incident, Hurtubise became obsessed with grizzlies and researched them extensively. After seeing the film “Robocop,” he came up with the idea of creating a protective, bear-proof suit that would allow him to get close and study them.

After 10 years and $150,000, he decided to test it. Off he went into the Canadian wilderness to find a grizzly. When he finally encountered one he realized that the suit was useless. He could only walk on completely flat ground and ended up tripping and was unable to right himself without help.


15 Facts About Popular TV Shows You Didn't Know

The reason why there’s a documentary crew on The Office is due to an employee suicide!

The US version of The Office is one of the best known and critically acclaimed comedy shows in recent memory. Although it’s a remake of the British show of the same name, it has lasted for far many more episodes and seasons.

The big innovation that The Office had when it premiered is that it was filmed in the style of a documentary, something not many shows had done before. Have you ever stopped to think why a film crew would hang around an office for so long?

In an episode called Performance Review, Michael reads old suggestions from a suggestion box. One of them said “We need better outreach for employees fighting depression – Tom.” Michael thinks it’s a fake suggestion because there’s no one named Tom. He is then reminded that Tom had shot himself.

The writers of the show later suggested that Tom Peets was an employee that had killed himself and was the reason Ryan the temp was hired. Additionally, the film crew came to document how they handled the death of their employee. After realizing that a documentary about every-day events at an office would be more interested, they decided to stay for longer.


The girl featured on the front cover of Vampire Weekend's album sued the band!

Contra is the second album by American indie rock band Vampire Weekend and it's cover features a candid Polaroid of a 26 year old girl from 1983.The photo was found by the band while searching through photo archives of that year and they were captivated by the amazing quality of the image.

They discussed what her age or emotional state could be in the photograph, and weren’t able to come to a particular conclusion. In a way, it was like staring at the Mona Lisa. One of the members believed that "wrapped up in her expression is this question: 'How is she feeling?'" And that "maybe she wasn't even really sure at the time."

Well, perhaps she didn’t know what she was feeling at the time, but she certainly knew what she was feeling when her daughter brought home the album and she discovered that her photograph had been used without her consent.

The woman-Ann Kirsten Kennis sued the band for $2 million. Kennis said that the photo was taken while she was “a high-fashion model under contract with prestigious agencies in New York City.” In addition, she claims that her signature on release forms for the photo was forged. Kennis eventually dropped the lawsuit after Vampire Weekend’s record label paid her an undisclosed sum.


Domino's stopped their 30-minute delivery policy because of reckless driving!

Back in the day, Domino’s promised the public that if their pizzas were not delivered within 30 minutes of the order being placed, that pizza would be free. Now, as you can imagine, a pizza company does not want to give away free pizzas. Therefore, they pressured their cooks and delivery people to meet the half hour dead-line. This led to the latter driving recklessly.

In 1992, Domino’s had to pay $2.8 million to a family of a woman who had been hit by a Dominos delivery car. Then in 1993, it paid $78 million to a woman for the injuries she received in a 1989 Dominos car accident. Dominos settled out of court for about $15 million but it was time for the policy to be scrapped.


A US soldier was getting put in a body bag when he spat blood in a doctor's face!

If you thought every action movie star was tough, wait until you hear what Roy Benavidez went through in just a few hours. After he and the unit he was serving in became suddenly surrounded by the North Vietnamese Army, he instinctively volunteered to run to the helicopter, all while being shot at, to help them find a landing zone so the other soldiers could escape.

After finding somewhere for the helicopter to land, he ran back to his unit. While running to his unit, he was shot in the leg, and a grenade went off right beside him launching shrapnel into his back. He convinced himself he was fine, and he just kept on running. He used a medic kit he brought from the helicopter to patch up a few of the wounded soldiers and they ran to the helicopter. Again, he was shot multiple times, and another grenade went off beside him.

The escape chopper crashed landed after the pilot was shot, and Benavidez dragged out all the injured, but alive, soldiers that were on the helicopter. After calling in numerous airstrikes, and fighting off a NVA soldier, who stabbed him in the bicep twice, Benavidez and the unit were rescued.

When the doctors saw Benavidez, they assumed he was dead! It wasn't until Benavidez was put in a body bag, when he spit blood in the doctor's face that the medical team tried to keep him alive! After a year of recovery, against all odds, Benavidez was released from the hospital.You HAVE to click the source and read the whole story!



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