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Pizza Hut wants its logo on the moon!

Mad consumerism is making astronomical advances. In 1998, Pizza Hut had this brilliant idea to burn their logo onto the surface of the moon with high-powered lasers. For us to be able to see this logo, it would need to be about the size of Texas.

Upon consulting experts, Pizza Hut learned that that the necessary technology is still a few years off and the reputation of our planet to potential aliens hasn’t completely been tarnished.

Since then however, Pizza Hut has still been trying to get as close to space as it can. It’s made several deals with the Russian Space Program, including stamping their logo on a rocket and delivering pizza to the International Space Station. Aim for the stars Pizza Hut, aim for the stars.


Canada got its name from a misunderstanding!

Just like duct tape and French fries, Canada’s name was accidental. Some Iroquois natives were trying to indicate to early explorer Jacques Cartier a small village (which was situated in present-day Quebec city). The village’s name was Kanata.

Cartier misunderstood and used the similar sounding word Canada to describe the entire area he had stumbled upon. From then on, the true north strong and free was referred to as Canada. Canada became it's very own country in 1867. However, only very recently, on February 15th 1965 did Canada get its own national flag.


15 Facts You Didn't Know About Nintendo's Mario Series

If you wait long enough in Super Mario Bros. 3, chain-chomps will break free!

Video games are all about making it to the next level. The more you play, the more you come to know the game and the better you get. By discovering the quirks and secrets of the game, you earn your way to the top.

Since the dawn of the Internet, however, many forums share secrets of popular video games. One such video game is Mario Brothers. Since it’s most basic form, Mario Brothers has been a well-liked game.

So what’s one of its secrets? It has to do with the Chain Chomps. While you may think they can never break free of their chains, you would be wrong.

After 47 lunges, their chains will start flashing, and after 50 lunges, they will break free of the chains. So for the next time you’re playing, now you know to be prepared.


Shakespeare's children were illiterate!

I guess drafting some of the most esteemed plays in history does not leave much time for child rearing. Shakespeare’s wife and their two children who lived into adulthood, Susanna and Judith, are thought to have been illiterate.

The most Susanna could do is scrawl her signature. This could have something to do with the fact that both these children were female or it could just mean that Shakespeare wasn’t the best parent.

His parents however, probably were. While John and Mary Shakespeare never learned to read or write since they were quite poor, they sent William to attend Stratford’s local grammar school where he mastered reading, writing, and Latin. This story could suggest that perhaps we shouldn’t base character off of intelligence.


Americans eat more than $40 billion worth of cheese a year!

Americans gotta have their cheese. In 2003, the market value of all the cheese consumed by the American populace through supermarket sales and restaurant and fast-food outlets was nearly $40 million. Americans consumed 8.8 billion pounds of natural cheese. Thus, the average American consumed 30.6 pounds of natural cheese in that year.

The most popular of cheese was mozzarella (there is probably some sort of correlations between this and the ungodly amount of Pizza Americans consume per year) with 2.8 billion pounds consumed in 2003. However, almost 90% of the cheese ever sold in American is classified as a “Cheddar type cheese.” I bet we’re cutting even more cheese now.



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