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15 Facts About Valentine's Day You Should Know

In Japan, Valentine's day is usually the female's responsibility. White Day, on March 14th, is the man's turn to reciprocate

On Valentine's day, women give men chocolate gifts. This is supposed to be an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. A hand-made chocolate is considered to be a sign that the man who receives it is the woman's "only one."

Starting in 1978, White Day was promoted by the National Confectionary Industry Association. It is supposed to be the answer day to Valentine's. Traditional gifts on this day are cookies, jewelry, white chocolate, white lingerie and marshmallows. The often cited rule is that the gift on this day should be three times as expensive as the one received on Valentine's.


The most visited tourist attraction in Missouri is a retail store!

Missouri is the home of Mark Twain’s childhood estate, The Gateway Arch, The Harry Truman Presidential Library of Independence, etc. However, none of these is the most visited tourist destination of the state. The single most visited attraction is in fact a megastore much bigger than the biggest Walmart Supercenter.

That’s right; more people have been visiting Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World than any other attraction in the state. It brings in over 4 million people a year and is the size of almost 7 football fields. The store however, is no ordinary megastore. On top of endless retail items, it contains a public aquarium and an entire slew of recreational choices.


Despite being a close, personal friend, David Spade didn't attend Chris Farley's funeral!

Chris Farley was an American comedian and actor and cast member of Saturday Night Live. David Spade was his fellow SNL cast member and close personal friend.

Through the course of his life, Farley sought treatment for obesity and drug abuse on seventeen separate occasions. On December of 1997, he was found dead in his apartment due to a cocaine and morphine overdose early that morning. Over five hundred people attended his funeral, many of them comedians who had worked with him on Saturday Night Live.

However, David Spade was absent. He was later quoted as saying that the declined to attend the funeral because he “could not be in a room where Chris was in a box.” However, Spade did make an appearance on the Special 25th anniversary episode of Saturday Night Live to call a moment of remembrance for Farley.


North Korea is the only nation to currently have a US Navy ship captured!

The USS Pueblo, a spy ship, is now moored in a river in Pyongyang and serves as a tourist attraction; guided tours are offered by officials and the story of how the brave sailors of the “People’s Army” defeated the “US imperialists” by capturing this ship that was in their territorial waters is told to anyone who takes these tours.

However, the United States denies this claim, and says that the Pueblo was well within international waters. According to them, the ship was disguised as a scientific vessel and set sail from Japan carrying high-tech communications equipment and a crew of more than 80.

Many of these people were experts in decoding the messages they hoped to intercept from the North Korean Army. As long as Pueblo stayed in international waters, no one suspected that the North Koreans might try to capture it. However, North Korea unexpectedly opened fire on the ship. It was captured by North Korea on 23 January 1968. Its crew was held prisoners by North Korea for 11 months before being released.


In a 1988 magic championship, a magician was disqualified for being too good!

Lennart Green is a world champion close-up/card magician. He competed at the 1988 International Federation of Magic Societies’ Convention in The Hagues, Netherlands and was immediately disqualified because his act was so convincing that judges believed he had used stooges in his act to shuffle the cards.

In 1991, Green returned to perform the same act but insisted that the judges themselves shuffle the cards to prove that he was a man of honor and skill and didn’t use (or need) stooges. The judges awarded him the first place title he was unjustly denied three years ago. Since then, Green has appeared on the fourth World’s Greatest Magic television special and given an excellent TED talk.



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