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Venice has always had exactly 425 licensed gondoliers. They were all men until 2010!

That’s right; it wasn’t until 2010 that authorities granted a woman a full license to show visitors the history and charm of Venice via waterway. Said woman is 24 year old, mother-of-two Giorgia Boscolo whose father was also a gondolier. She passed a year-long series of practical and written tests so that she could spend her days passing through Venice’s beautiful cannels.

The deputy mayor of Venice says that there has been “excessive male domination” inside the gondolier’s guild. In 2010, her employment was only part-time and conditional. She could only stand in for a male colleague if he wanted to take the day of. However, she hoped that one day she would have her own gondola tied up in front of St.Mark’s Basilica.


Kim Jong-Un collects Nikes!

Kim Jong Un’s hobbies include complaining about American consumerism and collecting Nike sneakers. Although to be fair, we don’t know for sure if he still has the Nike sneakers he started collecting as a teenager.

Apparently, in his younger days, Jong-Un was indifferent to politics and rebelled against his father’s anti-American propaganda by purchasing Nike shoes. Talk about stomping down on authority.

Jong Un was also really into basketball. According to his Swiss college friend, he was obsessed with Kobe Bryant, Toni Kukoc, Michael Jordon, and the LA Lakers. He allegedly owned photographs with NBA players and had a room filled with NBA-memorabilia.It’s nice to know that even dictators were once rebellious teenagers.


15 Baby Bump Facts You Won't Believe

A 17 year old girl faked a pregnancy for six months for a social experiment with only a handful of people knowing it!

As her senior project, Gaby Rodriguez decided to do a social experiment. As an aspiring social worker, she decided to lie to everyone and fake a pregnancy and gather the reactions of everyone as her data. Only a few people including her mother, principle, and boyfriend knew that it was an experiment. Her siblings, teachers, friends, classmates, and her boyfriend’s parents were all convinced she was actually pregnant.

At the end of six months, she unveiled the truth during her presentation on stereotypes, rumours, and statistics in front of her entire high school. She removed her homemade mesh quilt pillow that had been her baby bump from under her shirt to show everyone she wasn’t really pregnant. She was scared to reveal the truth to everyone and how they would react.

Surprisingly she got cheers and a standing ovation. Her principle left a conference at 5:30 am to be at the school in time for the presentation and was very impressed with it.


Our cells are programmed to die!

An experiment conducted back in 1965 by Dr. Leonard Hayflick, show that our cells have a molecular clock, which starts ticking from the moment we’re born. That clock determines our cells’ life span, and hence our death!

According to his investigation (Hayflick limit), humans can only possibly live up to 120 years old since our cells are programmed to die. All of our cells undergo a process called apoptosis, which is their programmed cellular death. At some point in our lives our cells are all programmed to go through apoptosis and not regenerate!

If our cells weren’t programmed to die, we would all have cancer since they would all just grow without having anything to stop them!Therefore, be grateful for apoptosis, and stay in school.


Confucius has a known great descendant who advises the Chinese government!

Kung Tsui-Chang is the Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic of China and also the great, great (plus, 74 more greats) grandson of philosophical mastermind Confucius. He’s the 79th-generation descendant of Confucius in the main line of descent, making me the titular Sacrificial Official to Confucius in 2009.

The Tsui in his name is the generation name (a character in a name shared by siblings and cousins of a particular generation) for the 79th descendant. His children (one of them being his successor) all have Yu in their names, it being the generation name given to the 80th generation descendants of Confucius.

As fascinating as this is, it seems a little strange that a man could be so esteemed that 79 generations later, people are entitled to a certain status and amount of respect just for being related to him.



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