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Kangaroos could help us beat Global Warming!

For the past few years, scientists have had the lousy job of taking samples of methane gas out of Wallaby’s stomachs. To their surprise, they discovered that Wallabies produce one fifth as much methane as cows for each piece of food they ingest.

What does this mean? Well, it means Wallabies burp and fart less than cows. This discovery could be the key to solving a big part of our global warming problem.

Scientists have come to several conclusions as to why this is. The reason for such a different digestive track is because of how Wallabies have evolved compared to how cattle have evolved. Wallabies have adapted a micro bacterium into their stomach that breaks down their food in a faster manner. As a result, less methane is produce.

Brace yourself, here’s the part where this whole situation gets a little weird. Scientists are trying to take this small bacteria and place it into the stomachs of cattle to reduce how much methane the cows produce. Why? Well, apparently cows are passing so much gas that it’s contributing to the green house gasses worldwide and progressing Global Warming!


A 10 year old saved over 100 people during the 2004 Tsunami in Asia! How?

Tilly Smith was a 10 year old girl from England that was visiting Thailand on vacation with her family during the disastrous Tsunami of 2004. While playing on the beach with her little sister, she realized that the water was behaving in a peculiar way.

She remembered to what she had learned in class just TWO WEEKS prior to going on vacation in her geography class, and told her parents that she thought a tsunami was coming.

She explained that the water was acting a little too strange and too much alike the water before a tsunami. Her parents warned the hotel staff of the oncoming tsunami and the surrounding area was evacuated as a result.

Minutes later, the tsunami hit the hotel with astounding force. Thanks to a 10 year old who just happened to be paying attention in school that day, nobody was hurt or seriously injured.

Read the source for this little girl’s awesome story!


Dirty Mind? These 15 Sex Facts Are For You

Want to have more sex? Live in LA or Houston, but it's not going to be better

Trojan condoms, one of the largest supporters of pleasure, put its thinking cap on and conducted it’s very own U.S. sex census. Researchers found that people that live in metropolitan centers like Los Angeles and Houston have more sex per year (135 times and 125 times) while Philadelphia and Dallas have the least (99 and 104 times). But, when it comes to sexual satisfaction, Philadelphians reported some of the highest (82 percent), while Los Angeles reported some of the lowest (75 percent satisfied).

Overall an average of 33% of Americans claim to be dissatisfied with their sex life, and 81% are looking to make their sex life more interesting. Here are some helpful tips that help improve that percentage.The U.S. sex census also found information on a variety of topics, including frequency and satisfaction of sex by city and region, unwed vs. wed, experimental desires, preferred positions, dirty talk and casual sex preferences by gender. To find out more about the U.S. sex census click go here.

Anderson Cooper carried a bloody child to safety!

Anderson Cooper is a well-known journalist for CNN, and is known for his intense dedication to reporting, often putting himself in dangerous situations to cover the story as best he can. In this particular case, Cooper puts himself in a life threatening situation.

Anderson and his news crew were one of the first major news crews to get into Haiti in 2010 to report what was happening in the country after the horrifying earthquake. As riots broke out, Cooper and his crew found themselves in the middle of a riot where people were throwing rocks, and slabs of concrete.

As the situation worsened, a Haitian boy was hit in the head with a piece of concrete. Anderson Cooper recognized that the boy had been hit, picked him up, and carried him to safely as blood gushed down the boy’s face.

After carrying the boy away, another group of Haitians took the boy and his condition went unknown. It seems that we need more journalists like this, ones that are willing to sacrifice making a story in order to save a life when needed.

Click the source to see the video of this all happening!


The largest Earthworm ever found was 22 feet long!

Worms are creepy looking creatures, and when I read about them, I can feel them crawling over my skin. Despite how gross they make me feel, they are amazing creatures. Imagine digging a hole and finding a 22 foot long worm!

Here are some more quick facts about worms:

  • Charles Darwin spent 39 years studying earthworms more than 100 years ago!
  • In one acre of land, there can be more than a million earthworms. [Try not to think about how many are beneath your feet at this very moment]
  • Baby worms are not born – they hatch from cocoons smaller than a grain of rice.
  • Worms are roughly 1,000 times stronger than people. [Prepare yourself for the impending worm invasion]

You should really read more about worms at the source



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