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JFK once swam for 4 hours while towing an injured crewman by his teeth!

Kennedy was banned from entering the army, but far be it from him to allow anything to stop him. So, he had his dad pull some strings and he got into the navy. He eventually became a lieutenant in the navy. Today, he has an aircraft carrier named after him.

The USS John F Kennedy can launch 80 planes and can single-handedly win a war with most countries around the world. While serving a skipper of the PT-109 in 1943, his boat was ripped in two by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri. Kennedy and his crew were tossed overboard into the water and were surrounded by flames.

Even though Kennedy had a chronic back injury that caused him a lot of pain, he managed to swim four hours to safety while towing an injured crewman by the life jacket strap in his teeth.


You absorb more egg proteins if they’re cooked than if they’re raw!

You probably have the mental image of Rocky trying to bulk up by eating raw eggs. It’s a rather nasty image no? The reason for doing it that way is that some nutrients get lost after cooking.

An egg contains about 6 grams of protein, and when you eat them raw, you absorb roughly 50% of the protein. That means that 3 grams go to waste! Studies have found that when you cook eggs, the protein is absorbed at the rate of 91%.

The reason for the higher absorption percentage is that heat changes the molecular structural of protein. Not only that, but eating cooked eggs reduces other health risks, like salmonella.


The current flag of the USA was designed by a 17 year old for a school project. He received a B-!

Alaska and Hawaii were being considered for statehood in the 1950s. They were both officially admitted in 1959. During the process, President Eisenhower received over 1,500 flag designs to incorporate the debated two states.

At least three of the proposals sent in were basically the same and are what the current U.S. Flag appears like. In 1959, Robert G. Heft was 17 years old. He created a flag as a school project and it received wide publicity. His mother was actually a seamstress, but she wouldn’t do any of the work for him to create the flag. He originally only received a B- for his work.

He spoke to his teacher who jokingly agreed that if Congress accepted the flag as the official flag design, he’d reconsider the B- grade given. Heft's flag design was chosen and adopted by presidential proclamation after Alaska and before Hawaii was admitted into the Union in 1959.

According to Heft, his teacher did keep to their agreement and changed his grade to an A for the project. Both the 49- and 50-star flags were each flown for the first time ever at Fort McHenry on the Fourth of July one year apart, 1959 and 1960


Thomas Jefferson (yes, that one) invented American mac 'n cheese

Americans owe a lot to Thomas Jefferson. He was one of the original Founding Fathers of the United States. He drafted the Declaration of Independence, and he was the third president of the United States. However, depending on how much you love food, you may believe his greatest contribution to America to be macaroni and cheese.

It is believed that Jefferson brought back this classic recipe when he returned from a sojourn in Italy. Or it's possible he just brought back a pasta maker with him. His daughter, Mary Randolph, is often the one credited with the recipe.

She originally used macaroni and Parmesan cheese. Later, the cheese was changed to cheddar. Either way, Kraft owes the Jefferson family as do a lot of hungry college kids.


11 Reasons Why Octopuses Are The Coolest Animals Ever

A mimic Octopus can change into more than 15 different shapes!

This little guy is always ready for a costume party. The mimic octopus lives in the tropical sea of Southeast Asia and was not discovered officially until 1988- probably because it was too busy looking like a string ray, or a flounder, or a jellyfish, or any of the other 15 creatures it can shape-shift into.

The most other octopuses can is blend into the sea floor to appear as rocks The mimic octopus grows up to 2 feet in length and its normal coloring consists of brown and white stripes or spots. Based on observations, the mimic octopus may decide which animal to transform into based on local predators.

For example, when the octopus saw a damselfish in the distance, it was observed to appear as a banded sea snake; a damselfish’s predator. It did this by turning black and yellow, burying six of its arms, and waving its other two arms in opposite directions. If you dress up as this guy during Halloween, you could probably go to the same house 15 times.



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