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The bananas we eat today are mutants!

The Roman emperor Octavius Augustus' personal physician is credited with promoting the popularity of bananas from 63 to 14 B.C. In the early fifteenth century, Portuguese sailors brought bananas to Europe. They became known as "bananas" from their Guinean name "banema."

This original banana was cultivated since ancient times, even before rice. It grew in Africa but probably originated in East Asia and Oceania. It finally reached North America with Spanish missionaries. However, these bananas were not the ones we commonly find at our super markets today. These bananas were red and green and not sweet - today they're known as plantains.

The bananas we know is actually a mutant strain of the fruit discovered in 1836 by Jamaican Jean Francois Poujot. He found one of the trees on his plantation was bearing yellow fruit rather than the normal red and green variety. When he tasted it, he discovered it was sweet and began growing more of the mutant strain.

Soon this new sweet banana was being imported to the U.S. People would eat it on a plate with a knife and fork because it was considered a delicacy.


There is a place in Vegas where you can pay to shoot a grenade launcher!

Machine Guns Vegas (MGV) provides a great firearms experience!MGV combined the look and feel of an ultra-lounge with the functionality of a state-of-the-art indoor gun range! You can choose from pistols to fully automatic machine guns to historical guns to one-of-a-kind SEAL weapons.

They also count with great packages you can buy so you can enjoy this awesome installation. There is a package in which you pay $40 and you get to shoot a grenade launcher, TWICE!

And it doesn’t stop there; If you are willing to pay a little bit more you can buy packages such as the Bachelor Party Package, Munchbar Gun Run Package (in case you are hungry), the zombie killer package which makes you an official zombie killer, and even a Mr. And Ms. Package in which you can celebrate your wedding along with some of the most amazing guns in the area!

So what are you waiting for? Go shoot some guns and have fun only at MGV in Las Vegas!


A Salt Lake City flamingo named Pink Floyd escaped in 1987 and now lives a lonely life in the Utah wilderness!

Flamingos are warm weather birds. They hail from places like Chile, Florida and Peru. However, at least one of them has proven his survival skills in colder climates. In 1988, a flamingo named Pink Floyd escaped from the Salt Lake City zoo. His wings weren't clipped, unlike most birds in captivity, so he was able to fly away.

Instead of heading south, Pink Floyd decided to make a home on the shores of the Great Salt Lake during the winter. In the summer, he sometimes heads to the Lima Reservoir and Camas NWR near the Idaho-Montana border. He has been spotted by numerous people who are often incredulous enough to snap photos of him.

What does a newly freed flamingo need to survive? Companionship for one thing. Pink Floyd has been seen hanging around with gulls and Tundra swans. He also needs food and has survived on brine shrimp that live in the Great Salt Lake.


Ron Pearlman dressed up as Hellboy to make a kid's Make-A-Wish wish!

The Make a Wish Foundation was looking for someone to play Hellboy, there was only one person they wanted. Ron Perlman is known for playing the title character in Guillermo del Toro's film's "Hellboy" and "Hellboy 2." When the 62-year-old actor heard that six-year-old Zachary's wish was to meet Hellboy, he was all for it.

Zachary, who was suffering from leukemia, told the Make a Wish Foundation that he wanted to "meet and become Hellboy." So they made it happen. Perlman underwent the four hours of makeup and costuming required to make himself Hellboy and then met with Zachary.

The two then spent the day together. Later, Zachary got the chance to become a miniature Hellboy himself.


Milkshakes were originally alcoholic!

The term "milkshake" first appeared in print in 1885. In this context, it was referring to an alcoholic beverage, not the sweet, creamy, non-alcoholic drinks we know today. This alcoholic drink was described as healthful and sturdy and included, among other ingredients, whiskey and eggs.

By 1900, the milkshake better resembled the drink we know today. It was made of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrups. It really became popular in 1922 when Walgreens employee Ivar "Pop" Coulson took a "malted milk" drink (milk, chocolate and malt) and added ice cream to it.

The drink became very popular very quickly and was soon being requested by young adults across the country. With the invention of freon-cooled refrigerators in the 1930s, milkshakes making was automated. And then in the 1950s, salesman Ray Kroc bought exclusive rights to a milkshake maker. This machine sped up the production process in major fast food chains like the ones we have today.



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