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The REAL Frank Abagnale Jr made a cameo in ‘Catch me if you Can’!

In case you were unaware, the movie ‘Catch me if you Can’ starring Leonardo diCaprio is based on a true story. Almost all of the exploits in the film happened in one way or another, and of course, were highly dramatized according to the REAL Frank Abagnale Jr – the person Leonardo diCaprio is portraying.

Frank Abagnale Jr made an appearance in the film – ironically enough as the French police officer that ended up arresting Leonardo diCaprio. Essentially, he was portraying the French police officer that arrested him 30 years prior to the filming of the movie!

The man has lived an incredible life, and may just be one of the greatest scam artists of all time! Read more about him by clicking the source

A man in Germany has raised over 70 wolves and he’s established himself as the Alpha of the pack!

Werner Freund is a former German Paratrooper. Since 1972, he has dedicated his life to raising wolves in the Wolfspark Werner Freund. The 25-acre reserve is home to 29 wolves.

Freund acquired his first litter from a zoo when they were cubs and has reared them by hand. He lives closely with them and behaves as an alpha male to be accepted and respected.

Freund has a good relationship with his animals, and even does things as feed them meat mouth to mouth to earn their respect. He even takes bites of dead animals to better integrate with them!

Check out more amazing photos at the source


5 Must-Read Facts About Photography

Kodak, who invented the first digital camera, went bankrupt because they didn't convert to digital.

Kodak is an American multinational imaging and photography equipment company. You probably best identify them with their disposable cameras and photo developing locations, which have today greatly fallen out of use. With the rise of photographic technology in nearly every device, companies like Kodak have suffered. 

It’s a far cry from the days when Kodak held 90% of the market share. You probably remember Kodak’s signature “Kodak moment” commercials. When the digital cameras started coming in, Kodak’s glory days were over. Because Kodak was so slow to transition to digital photography, they ultimately went bankrupt- even though they had invented the core technology used in digital cameras. For the last 5 years, Kodak hasn’t seen a profit, and has gone bankrupt as of last January.


An entire movie was shot in Disney World without Disney knowing about it!

"Escape from Tomorrow" is a low-budget, black and white indie flick. It takes place entirely inside Disney World. In the surreal fantasy film, one of the characters loses his sanity after riding It's a Small World (more like reality, no?). Later, he is tasered and held inside Spaceship Earth.

What's really interesting about the film is that Disney did not know that it was being shot. It was secretly shot after the director bought tickets for everyone and filmed the actors at the theme park. Some say that actors read their scripts from their cellphones.

Check out more info on this film by reading the source.


Shae from Game of Thrones was a German porn star!

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones you probably know Sibel Kekilli as Shae, Tyrion Lannister's prostitute turned concubine-girlfriend (it would be an 'It's complicated' relationship on Facebook).

However, what you might not know is that Kekilli first became big in Germany for her acting on a movie called Head-On. She won a Lola (like a German Oscar) for her performance on that movie.

Soon after that movie was released, however, it was revealed that she had acted in porno films using the stage name Dilara. There was a public scandals and her parents even broke contact with her.

She recovered from it though, and has gone on to star in HBOs biggest show. If you like Game of Thrones, you should check out our newest site:, showcasing the funniest Game of Thrones photos.



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