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People actually live in the abandoned set of The Phantom Menace.

This movie set were built for entertainment, but sometimes ended up fulfilling a necessity. A group of Tunisians have moved into the hometown of Anakin Skywalker, Mos Espa for shelter 13 years after shooting wrapped up. The set is still in good condition and is composed of 15-20 buildings, although some are only facades.

When reporters went to visit this once-fictional village, they found one person selling some of the props used in the movie. They found that a lot of the machinery and gadgets were made from wood and plastic. Still, it was probably cool to see these people casually going about their daily lives in a place that many a star wars fan would faint just thinking about.


Steven Spielberg put every actor in Saving Private Ryan through army training… except for Matt Damon!

Saving Private Ryan has long been credited with being an incredibly realistic portrayal of the second World War. The film follows United States Army Ranger Captain John H. Miller and his squad as they search for Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon).

Before filming, several of the film’s stars, went through 10 days of “boot camp” training led by Marine veteran Dale Dye and Warriers Inc. Matt Damons was intentionally not brought into the camp to make the rest of the group feel resentment towards the character. It was this kind of attention to detail and diligence that contributed to the epic realism of the film.


An Australian pilot and his plane disappeared after being apparently chased by a UFO!

On October 21, 1978 at 7:21 PM, 20-year-old Frederick Valentich vanished. He was piloting a Cessna 182L aircraft over the Bass Strait in Australia. During his 127 mile journey, Valentich had told Melbourne air traffic control that he was being accompanied by a strange aircraft.

It was hovering about 1,000 feet above him. He began to report some odd happenings and said that his engine started acting up. He described a shiny metal aircraft “orbiting” above him that had a green light. He then said that the “strange aircraft is hovering over me again. It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.”

There was then about 17 seconds of a metallic scraping noise and then they lost contact. Valentich and his plane were never found. The Australian Department of Transportation could not come up with a reason for the disappearance.

After the incident, there were belated reports of a UFO sighting on the same night as Valentich’s disappearance. Some reported seeing an erratically moving green light in the sky. Others noted that they saw a green light trailing Valentich’s plane and that he had been in a steep dive. This was before Valentich’s transcripts had been released so the public did not know he had noticed a green light.


Searching for his lost hammer, a man found the largest collection of Roman gold and silver ever discovered in Britain!

In 1992 in Suffolk, England, farmer Peter Whatling had misplaced a hammer. He asked his friend, amateur metal detectorist Eric Lawes, to help him find it. While searching, Lawes found something of far greater value. He discovered gold jewelry, silver spoons and gold and silver coins. Before proceeding futher, Lawes and Whatling notified the police.

The next day, a team of archaeologists excavated the site. The collection became known as the Hoxne Hoard. It is the largest collection of Roman gold and silver ever found in Great Britain. It consists of 14,865 silver, gold and bronze coins and about 200 items of silver tableware and gold jewelry. Altogether, the collection is worth about 2.66 million pounds today.

Many of the pieces are now on display in the British Museum in London. They are dated after 407 AD around the time that Britain stopped being a Roman province. The reason for their burial is still unknown.


11 Reasons Why Octopuses Are The Coolest Animals Ever

A mimic Octopus can change into more than 15 different shapes!

This little guy is always ready for a costume party. The mimic octopus lives in the tropical sea of Southeast Asia and was not discovered officially until 1988- probably because it was too busy looking like a string ray, or a flounder, or a jellyfish, or any of the other 15 creatures it can shape-shift into.

The most other octopuses can is blend into the sea floor to appear as rocks The mimic octopus grows up to 2 feet in length and its normal coloring consists of brown and white stripes or spots. Based on observations, the mimic octopus may decide which animal to transform into based on local predators.

For example, when the octopus saw a damselfish in the distance, it was observed to appear as a banded sea snake; a damselfish’s predator. It did this by turning black and yellow, burying six of its arms, and waving its other two arms in opposite directions. If you dress up as this guy during Halloween, you could probably go to the same house 15 times.



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