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There's a dam in India still standing 2000 years after it was built!

Near Tiruchi, India is the Grand Anicut dam. The people are pushing for it to be recognized with a World Heritage status. The dam was built 2,000 years ago and is still standing and functioning today.

The dam is an engineering marvel and was built by Chola King Karikalan during the first century. The dam is one of the oldest water diversions or water regulating structures in the world in use. The dam is massive and built with uneven stones 329 meters long and 20 meters wide on the river Cauvery. Engineers, historians, and tourists alike come to visit the dam, but little is actually known about it's history.

They do know the main reason for the dam being built was to divert water from the river to the lands for irrigating crops by way of canals. When it was built, it irrigated about 69,000 acres of land and today it brings water to over one million acres. Other dams have been built in replication of the Grand Anicut dam since it's creation.


Iran's government sentences people to death for changing their religion!

Apostasy is a term used to describe the act of someone who leaves their religion of choice. For example, if someone who was formerly Muslim were to become Christian, it would be a form of apostasy.

Iran takes apostasy very seriously, and in fact, they have sentenced people to death for leaving Islam. Iran is known to use what are known as 'death squads' against Islamic to Christian converts. These squads attempt to either reconvert someone back to Islam, or simply, they will kill that person.

In 2008, 15 ex Muslim Christians were incarcerated under charges of apostasy. If they are found guilty, they may face the death penalty. However, what's truly terrifying is that a new penal code is in the works. This penal code will make a mandatory death sentence for anyone found guilty of apostasy!


The USS Johnston did so much damage to the Japanese Navy, the Japanese saluted the ship when it eventually sank!

There was no greater devastation on a global scale than during the years of World War II. The war truly was fought all around the world, whether it was land, air, or in this case, sea. A renowned naval battle is that of the Battle off Samar. It is considered one of the largest, if not the largest, navy battles in the history of mankind.

The United States Navy found themselves completely outgunned by the Japanese forces. The Japanese had 11 destroyers, while the US forces only had 3.

Realizing they were outgunned, the USS Johnston charged alone towards the enemy fleet. When the crew of the USS Johnston saw how many enemy boats they were up against, they thought for sure they didn't stand a chance.

The USS Johnston, was able to fight off Japanese forces for around two hours through clever evasion tactics and through the brutality of sinking countless Japanese vessels. Inevitably, the USS Johnston received countless hits from enemy cruisers which led the boat to it's demise. As the boat had become immovable, it was starting to be surrounded by Japanese battleships.

Despite the grim outlook, the crew continued to load shells into the guns in order to do as much damage to the Japanese fleet as possible!As the boat sank, American soldiers were able to see a Japanese Captain and his crew stand on the edge of their vessel, and salute the sinking ship!


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The band Muse won a lawsuit against Nestle, then donated 100% of the proceeds to charity

Muse is an English rock band that formed in 1994. The band is made up of school mates Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard.In 2001, the band released their second studio album "Origins of Symmetry," which included the song Feeling Good.

Nestle wanted to use this song in a coffee commercial but the band refused to give them permission. Nestle used the song anyway, and Muse successfully sued them for 500,000 pounds. The band then donated 100% of this money to the charity Oxfam and various charities near their hometown of Teignmouth.


A theater company reenacts voice recordings of real planes that crashed!

Charlie Victor Romano (CVR for short) is a 'performance documentary', which is basically a documentary presented like a play, although there is something a little strange about this particular play. CVR is a documentary that derives entirely from the cockpits of six planes that were doomed to crash, where the dialogue of the pilots was recorded.

The reason that this theater company wanted to perform the final moments before the planes crash is because they believe people are curious as to what the real, final thoughts of someones life must be. In fact, the people behind CVR state that they believe people are especially curious when it comes to planes, because every time they fly somewhere, they put their lives in the hands of complete strangers! So, what is it these strangers think about when they realize they, and their passengers, are about to die?

The play was sold out for eight months straight, and has been considered a massive success and is constantly praised by the aviation community. In fact, the play has been used to educate pilots in training for the US Air Force!



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