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A single fire hydrant in San Francisco survived the massive 1906 earthquake and helped firefighters save the Mission district

On April 18, 1906, a massive earth quake struck San Francisco. The blast itself lasted for 42 seconds, but the majority of the city's damage was caused by 30 fires that erupted from broken gas lines. Unfortunately, water mains broke along with these gas lines, causing a water shortage.

The city's firefighters were in a tight spot, but one hydrant was still usable. In the Dolores Park neighborhood, a single fire hydrant still ran. Hundreds of residents pulled fire engines up the Dolores hill to access the hydrant. After a seven hour battle, the firefighters saved the neighborhood from total destruction.

Nearly 80% of San Francisco was destroyed that day and 3000 people lost their lives, but this one hydrant in Dolores Park managed to save part of the city. To honor it, the hydrant was painted gold, and each year on the anniversary of the earthquake, the city's Fire Chief gives a fresh coat of paint.


A mute man spoke his first words in over 6 years after riding Coney Island's Cyclone coaster

For some reason, in 1943, West Virginian coal miner Emilio Franco lost his ability to speak. He remained mute, and doctors could not find any medical reason for his lack of speech. It turns out that all Franco needed was a ride on a roller coaster.

In 1949, six years after his initial silence, Franco rode the Coney Island Cyclone coaster with his cousin. The coaster was incredibly popular. It featured an 85 ft drop and was advertised as "The Most Fearsome Coaster Ever Built." With frequent riders, it paid off it's $100,000 cost in just one year. When Franco stumbled off the ride, his first words in years were "I feel sick."


The 6 Most Jaw-dropping Facts About Pirates

Pirates once held Julius Caesar for ransom. After that, he tracked down and crucified every single one.

When travelling across the Aegean Sea, Caesar was kidnapped by pirates. As ransom, the pirates demanded twenty talents. Caesar laughed at them because they didn’t know who he was, and suggested they ask for fifty talents instead. He was held for 38 days during which time he wrote poems and speeches which he read aloud. 

Those who didn’t appreciate what he was saying he called “illiterate Barbarians.” Laughingly, Caesar threatened to kill them all. After his random came, he was set free. Immediately, he manned numerous vessels, sought after the pirates, and caught them almost immediately. They were all imprisoned and crucified. So if there’s anything to take away from this, it’s that nobody messes with Julius Caesar. Except Brutus, Cassius, and 58 other people. 


In Egypt, actors were not allowed to testify in court because they were seen as professional liars

Today, professional actors are renowned for their talent and celebrity. They're worshipped by fans and stalked by paparazzi. However, back in Egypt, professional actors were equivalent to professional liars. In fact, historical views of actors often saw their work as disreputable.

Audiences had a hard time distinguishing between the illusion of acting and real life. As such, actors in Egypt were not allowed to testify in court. As "professional liars," they could easily dupe the judge and wreak havoc on the system.


In the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, a military officer ordered his men to shoot three people caught in a burning hotel so they wouldn't burn alive!

In the early morning of April 18, 1906, a powerful earthquake rocked San Francisco. The quake ruptured multiple gas lines and set the city ablaze. One of the many fires caught the Windsor Hotel, which stood on Fifth and Market Streets. Three men were tragically caught on the roof of the burning hotel.

There was seemingly no way to get them down, and onlookers believed they would fall through the collapsing roof and be burned alive. Rather than have this happen, a nearby military officer ordered his men to shoot them and thereby give them a more humane death. The men were shot in the presence of nearly 5,0000 onlookers.



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