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The Nazis also made a film called 'Titanic'. It was an anti-British propaganda piece about the famous shipwreck!

Long before James Cameron's epic masterpiece, "Titanic," the Nazis made a film about the disastrous shipwreck. "The Titanic" was released in 1943 as a German propaganda film. It was commissioned by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

The film portrayed the sinking of the Titanic in an attempt to discredit British and American capitalist dealings and glorify the bravery of German citizens. "The Titanic" was set to premiere in early 1943 but the night before the event, the theater was bombed by Royal Air Force planes. It went on to premiere in November 1943 but was later banned from being shown in Germany.

The Royal Air Force also bombed and sank the ship that the movie was filmed on, the SS Cap Arcona. This resulted in three times the loss of life of the actual Titanic.


Lady Di once went to a gay bar with Freddie Mercury disguised as a biker!

A new report tells of a curious story of the time that then-Princess Diana wore an army jacket and a black cap in a gay bar. Apparently Lady Di, Freddy Mercury and a couple of other friends were sitting around watching the Golden Girls when they had the idea to hit up a gay bar in South London.

She went disguised with dark shades, an army jacket and a black hat. They were afraid she was gonna be discovered instantly, however, most people didn’t even pay much attention to her. She even ordered a round of drinks herself at the bar!


2 kids with green skin appeared out of nowhere in an English town!

In Woolpit, England in the 12th century, two unusual children appeared. They were a brother and a sister who spoke an unknown language. They could only eat beans at first, but their strangest attribute of all? They had green skin.

The children were taken in and baptized. The boy was sickly and died shortly after his baptism. The girl began to acclimate to her new environment. She learned English and began eating other foods. When she could properly communicate, she explained that she and her brother came from St. Martin's Land--an underground community where everyone is green.

While there are accounts of these green children in multiple sources, it is unclear whether they actually existed and if they did, whether their story was true. Were they citizens from another world or were they just confused children? Perhaps we'll never know.


11 Shocking Facts About Steven Spielberg

Robin Williams often called Steven Spielberg during the filming of Schindler's List to cheer him up with various jokes.

If you’re familiar with Schindler’s List and Steven Spielberg (or even just have a vague knowledge of common Jewish last names) then you can understand why doing the movie was a difficult experience for him. 

If not, then it’s worth knowing that Steven Spielberg is a highly famous and influential Jewish filmmaker, and Schindler’s List is a 1993 film based on the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved the lives of over a thousand refugees during the Holocaust. 

The shooting of the film was very emotional for Spielberg due to his roots and the antisemitism he faced as a child. There were some scenes in the film that, heavily based in reality, were so dark that he couldn’t watch while they were filmed. So dreary were things that Robin Williams took to calling Spielberg every two weeks to lift his spirits with various jokes, mainly because there wasn’t much humor on the set. 

On the subject of the filming, Spielberg later said “I was hit in the face with my personal life. My upbringing. My Jewishness... And Jewish life came pouring back into my heart. I cried all the time." 


It cost $63 million to film Jurassic Park and $110m to make a ride out of it!

Jurassic Park needs no introduction. The early 90s movie ushered the era of CGI in movies. It was wildly successful and has become a classic. For example, when the movie premiered on network television in 1995, 68 MILLION people tuned in, a 36% of all available viewers that night.

The Jurassic Park Ride begun development a few years before the movie was even released, in November of 1990. Development of the ride took 6 years, as it opened on June 15, 1996. The ride cost $110 million, almost twice as much as the movie it was based on!

The ride first opened at Universal Studios Hollywood. The ride actually is considered part of the movie plot. John Hammond was contracted to rebuild the part inside a theme park. Universal would later build a whole mini-theme park dedicated to Jurassic Park in their Islands of Adventure property in Orlando.



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