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Every single tweet is archived in the Library of Congress.

Yes, Congress is taking steps to ensure that you’re online legacy remains intact. Every public tweet since Twitter’s inception in March 2006 has been and will continue to be archived digitally at the Library of Congress. This means that the library is ingesting more than 50 million tweets every single day. 

The best part of this entire story is that the Library of Congress actually tweeted this information on April 14 2010. This was on the same day their number of followers surpassed 50 000. The implications of this are overwhelming. Just think, social networking has made it possible for future generations to find out what was once “trending.” 

All the people that we misquoted, and what exactly we had for lunch that one time. And, of course, every single OMG Fact that we've tweeted out!


Nine porn stars are letting fans fondle their breasts...for charity, of course!

So imagine the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...but with a LOT more boobs. And instead of pouring ice or freezing cold water on yourself, you're grabbing said boobs.

This is ultimately the notion behind nine porn stars baring their breasts and doing their part to help the "Stop! Aids" campaign in Japan. Roughly translated, this event is being called "Boob Aid" and it's exactly what you think it is.

For 24 hours straight, these philanthropic vixens are removing their bras and allowing anybody to come up and fondle them—as long as they pay first, and their money goes towards funding for the campaign.

This is hardly the first time for this event. It has actually happened annually since 2003, and this year it's going to be broadcasted on adult cable television.

Iku Sakuragi, a 21-year-old porn star, is totally on board and ready for the event.

"It's for charity," said Sakuragi. "Squeeze them, donate—let's be happy."


Foreign Journalists and Cameramen Were Deported From Fiji After Mocking Fiji's Government!

In 2009, the Fiji Daily Post didn’t take kindly to suppression of the media from their Secretary of Department.

When told they had to quit posting negative political articles in their media, they took to satire to fire back.

With stories such as “Man Gets On Bus” and “Breakfast As Usual”, the Fiji Daily held protest through their work by mocking the government.

The Fiji Daily also printed mass copies of newspapers that had large blank spots where political articles would have gone and completely stopped airing their Fiji One evening program.

When this happened, the foreign journalists in Fiji were then called to step down at their positions. When refusing, Dorney and Aston were then deported from Fiji and the cameraman Matt Smith was banned from ever returning to Fiji.

The government stated that they breached their visa contracts by doing such.


Nikola Tesla was probably in love with a pigeon!

Nikola Tesla is one of the most eccentric and interesting people in history, often overshadowed by Thomas Edison.

Some of the weird stories about him are grounded in truth, however, since he was such a weird guy.

One such story takes place in his later years when he was pretty much in love with his pet pigeon.

Tesla made a trip one night in 1937 after midnight to visit the local cathedral and library to feed the pigeons. On his way he was struck by a taxicab and thrown to the ground, wrenching his back and breaking three ribs.

Of course, his lifelong custom was to never visit a doctor, so the full extent of his injuries will never be known. For a while he was unable to feed the pigeons since he was bedridden until he was able to walk again in the Spring of 1938.

Near the end of his life he visited the park every day and fed pigeons. He took to one white one in particular and spent over $2,000 that comfortably supported her when she was injured.

He stated that he loved that pigeon as a man loves a woman, and that she loved him. As long as he had her he had a purpose in his life. He was a genius, but also a real weirdo!


The "cocktail party effect" is the human body trick that allows us to tune in one one sound when we are surrounded by many., much like at a cocktail party

Humans are the result of millions of years of nature's engineering, so it's not surprise that our bodies can do some pretty amazing things. One of these things it what psychologists call the "cocktail party effect." This is the ability to distinguish and pay attention to one particular voice out of a multitude of sounds.

Our ears take in a huge number of different sounds, often at the same time. Sometimes it's overwhelming, but if you close your eyes and focus, you can almost always pick up on and follow one particular sound. It's a feat of nature that let's us make sense of the world by creating order from chaos.

When concentrating on one sound, our minds are essentially declining to process the other sounds. If you're at a cocktail party, for example, and tune out of your conversation to listen to the conversation next to you, you're going to miss what your group is saying. In this way, the ability to pick up on one particular voice and the ability to tune things out are very closely related.



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