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The United States may be home to some of the greatest innovations and cities in the world, but to millions, it offers no home at all.

According to statistics, in a given year there are as many as 3.5 million homeless people in the U.S.That’s about 1% of the entire population.

The scariest statistic of all is that 23% of these are families with children.

There are a host of factors which are attributing to the problem and a few major issues have been highlighted and efforts made to alleviate homelessness. These include offering more affordable housing, comprehensive health care and assistance programs.

Homelessness also has a massive effect on education and educating the homeless youth is thought to be critical in breaking the cycle of poverty. Health is also a major concern as the homeless simply cannot afford decent health care, many attributing mental illness as one of the main reasons for becoming or staying homeless.

Another issue surrounding homelessness is public attitude and stigma. A 2002 national survey stated that 71% of people say that police should remove homeless if they are keeping shoppers away from an area and 51% would like the homeless removed from public parks if they are driving other people away.


Ever have a fantasy of getting back at the big banks? This guy went ahead and foreclosed on one!

Score one for the little guy.

In the tough economy people were losing their homes to the banks right and left as they were foreclosed on.

It seemed everyone was under the hills of the big banks and their outrageous mortgages, until one man stood up to them—and won. Sweet, poetic justice was the result.

In 2011, a couple received foreclosure papers on their home from Bank of America.

The funny thing was, they didn't owe a dime on it and managed to pay cash for it when they originally bought it. They took the bank to court with proof that they never had a mortgage bill to pay.

After judgment went to the side of the plaintiffs, calls and letters to the bank requesting the legal fees went unanswered.

The couple's attorney flipped the tables and did exactly what they bank wrongfully attempted—they foreclosed on the bank. They showed up to the bank with movers and a Sheriff's deputy and wouldn't allow the bank manager in until they signed over a check.


Sloths love trees so much, they will often keep hanging from them long after they die!

It best describes your lazy friend, a sin from the bible, and the animal that makes Kristin Bell burst out in joyous tears: it's the sloth.

These little guys are cute, especially when they decide that hanging out—literally—is the best comfort in the world. Of course, they keep the chill lifestyle alive, even when they are dead.

When Sloths actually decide to move, it's got to be for a really good reason.

They have a quarter as much muscle tissue as other animals in the similar weight range which means their slow and lazy looking movements aren't because they want to stop and smell the roses—they merely can't move any faster.

A three-toed sloth can usually top out to about 13 feet per minute if it's in immediate danger, and that's considered booking it.

They do everything from the safe branches of trees, hanging from them easily with their curved claws. They eat, sleep and give birth, and will unfortunately even die in the trees, remaining there long after expiration.

I suppose that is exactly where they would want to be anyway, since it's the closest thing to a home they have.


Every single tweet is archived in the Library of Congress.

Yes, Congress is taking steps to ensure that you’re online legacy remains intact. Every public tweet since Twitter’s inception in March 2006 has been and will continue to be archived digitally at the Library of Congress. This means that the library is ingesting more than 50 million tweets every single day. 

The best part of this entire story is that the Library of Congress actually tweeted this information on April 14 2010. This was on the same day their number of followers surpassed 50 000. The implications of this are overwhelming. Just think, social networking has made it possible for future generations to find out what was once “trending.” 

All the people that we misquoted, and what exactly we had for lunch that one time. And, of course, every single OMG Fact that we've tweeted out!


Nine porn stars are letting fans fondle their breasts...for charity, of course!

So imagine the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...but with a LOT more boobs. And instead of pouring ice or freezing cold water on yourself, you're grabbing said boobs.

This is ultimately the notion behind nine porn stars baring their breasts and doing their part to help the "Stop! Aids" campaign in Japan. Roughly translated, this event is being called "Boob Aid" and it's exactly what you think it is.

For 24 hours straight, these philanthropic vixens are removing their bras and allowing anybody to come up and fondle them—as long as they pay first, and their money goes towards funding for the campaign.

This is hardly the first time for this event. It has actually happened annually since 2003, and this year it's going to be broadcasted on adult cable television.

Iku Sakuragi, a 21-year-old porn star, is totally on board and ready for the event.

"It's for charity," said Sakuragi. "Squeeze them, donate—let's be happy."



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