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Pineapples cost as much as an old coach back in the day—the equivalent of a car today! Find out why

Status was a pretty big deal back in olden times, and there were all kinds of ways to show it. For example, one might have worn a fancy ring, or driven in a new, glossy coach to attach some horses to. Most of the time class was shown by exquisite clothing. Sometimes it was displayed by strutting around with a fresh pineapple in your arms.

What you just read is not a typo. Because of the rarity of the sweet fruit, pineapple was considered a symbol of status and class. Everything from practical to impractical items were created in the image of the succulent Bromelioieae. People would literally carry a pineapple under their arms if they wanted others to know how powerful and rich they were. They would take it to parties and gatherings until it would begin to rot. At one point one could even rent a pineapple for a night.

Of course, these symbols of status did not come cheap. Pineapples cost the rich and vain a sizable amount, equal to about 8,000 dollars. Back then that was the price of a new coach. Imagine sitting at a car dealership today and contemplating whether or not to buy a pineapple over a brand new challenger or Aston Martin. Insane!


13 Facts About Famous Movies You Didn't Know

Michael Keaton didn’t want Michelle Pfeiffer in the first Batman because it’d be too awkward. She played Catwoman in the sequel!

The 1989 film, Batman, stars Michael Keaton in the title role, Jack Nicholson as the villain and Kim Basinger as the beautiful love interest. Just one in a long series of Batman movies, this particular Batman film was a critical and commercial success with over $400 million in box office sales.

Before this success though, the film's casting was a difficult task. A veritable who's who of Hollywood leading men were considered for the role of Batman, including Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan and Tom Selleck.

Producer Jon Peters and director Tim Burton both favored Michael Keaton, though. His was a controversial casting, and Warner Brothers received 50,000 protest letters about it.

Burton then suggested that Michelle Pfeiffer play Vicki Vale, the role that would later go to Bassinger.

Keaton had been in a relationship with Pfeiffer though and thought it would be too awkward. Bassinger was then cast, but Pfeiffer would later play Catwoman in "Batman Returns."


A man once rescued a newborn baby from a dumpster only to find out the baby was his!

A man who jumped into a dumpster to rescue a newborn that had been discovered by another passerby says he later found out the baby boy was his son!

The man who claims to be the father of the baby said he was unaware his girlfriend was even pregnant.

One hour after the baby was found, a woman was taken to hospital in stable condition by emergency medical services. Police confirmed she's the mother.

Investigators believe she was not aware of her pregnancy until the birth, and that the father was not aware he had a son until after the incident.

Depending on it's outcome, she could be charged with attempted murder, failing to provide the necessities of life or child abandonment.


There's a dying star zipping through our universe shedding its matter

Mira exists 200-400 light years away from Earth in the constellation Cetus. It actually consists of two stars, the red giant Mira A and the white dwarf Mira B. Both combine to create a dying star. Mira is also a variable star, which means that it's surface oscillates increasing and decreasing it's brightness.

Mira is moving through space at an extremely quick speed--291,000 miles per hour to be exact. NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has done studies of Mira and found that the star is leaving a trail of matter behind it as it goes. This tail of matter is 13 light years in length.


Benjamin Franklin wasn't trusted to write the Declaration of Independence! The reason why is surprising

The Declaration of Independence is without a doubt one of the most famous documents in American history. Though it's known that Thomas Jefferson is the one who penned it, Benjamin Franklin was originally supposed to be its writer!

Why wasn't he? Benjamin Franklin was well-known for putting a lot of subtle humor in his papers. Knowing that many nations would read as a important a document as the Declaration of Independence, it was decided that Thomas Jefferson should write it instead.

However, Benjamin Franklin did help draft it, and he was the oldest person to sign the document at 70 years old!



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