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The Beatles refused to come on stage in Florida until the crowd was desegregated!

Few groups are more synonymous with free love and social rights than the Beatles. For anyone wondering, their actions didn’t begin for popular acclaim. Back in 1964 when the Beatles were scheduled to play at the Gator Bowl during their first American Tour they realized that the crowd was segregated between blacks and whites.

They immediately refused to play upon seeing this. John Lennon is quoted as saying, “We never play to segregated audiences and we aren’t going to start now. I’d sooner lose our appearance money.” Those putting on the concert decided they couldn’t let the crowd down and allowed the crowds to mix. The Beatles played to a desegregated audience, beginning their American social crusade!


A radical Islamic sect lived underground for over ten years!

In Russia, a radical Islamic sect was recently discovered living in an underground bunker without heat or sunlight for nearly a decade! The bunker is located on the outskirts of the city of Kazan.

The group is known as the Fayzrahmanist Sect, which derives it's name from Fayzrahman Satarov, an 83-year-old who declared himself a prophet. There were 20 children living there, some of whom had never seen the light of day until the sect was discovered! The youngest was only 18 months and had lived it's entire life underground.

Police and media quickly surrounded the bunker and an investigation occurred. It was decided that although the children were living a different life and were covered in filth, they were being fed and cared for. Prosecutors have begun an investigation and hope to disband the group!


The owners of Macy's died on the Titanic!

Isidor and Ida Straus, co-owners of Macy's, were on the Titanic. They were seen standing near Lifeboat No. 8 in the company of their maid, Ellen Bird. While the officer in charge of the lifeboat was willing to allow them a spot, Isidor Straus refused to go so long as there were women and children still remaining on the ship. His wife refused to go because he refused to go. She said, "We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go." And they both went down with the Titanic.

Their story struck a chord with many. In fact, the creators of the movie Titanic even subtly tipped their hats to them. They were the old couple in the movie who went to sleep as the ship went down. A cenotaph at the Straus Mausoleum at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is dedicated to Isidor and Ida together. Its inscription reads: "Many waters cannot quench love - neither can the floods drown it."


Guide dogs are smart enough to disobey unsafe commands!

A guide dog essentially has the responsibility for a human life in it's paws; it's duty is to ensure that it's owner remain safe and be able to navigate through the world with the smallest possible amount of complications or danger. The average guide dog will work about 6-8 years but some work for 10 years or longer.

A blind person directs them to where they want to go and it’s the person’s responsibility to listen for traffic movements and other sounds that might indicate the environment is unsafe. However, guide dogs are trained to ignore commands if they could potentially harm their owner or themselves. This is called “intelligence disobedience.”


Edgar Allan Poe had a theory very similar to the Big Bang 80 years before it was scientifically formulated!

Eureka was published in 1848 and is a long non-fiction work by Edgar Allan Poe (best known for his poem The Raven). He subtitled it “A Prose Poem” though it has also been subtitled as “An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe.” The work explains Poe’s intuitive idea of the nature of the universe but provides no scientific evidence to support this idea.

While Eureka has been considered to not have any scientific worth or merit, it essentially describes the Big Bang. Poe hypothesized that the universe began from a single originating particle which divided into all the particles of the universe. He did think however, that God set this all into motion. He also described black holes and expressed a theory shockingly similar to the Big Crunch theory.



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