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You could own your own robot that has a weapons system that will shoot 6000 BB bullets per minute every time you smile - if you have $1.35 million to spare!

According to a Japanese company, Suidobashi, it is every man’s dream to own a gigantic, board-able robot.

Enter Kuratas, a boarding-robot that is an art piece. Being that, they do not guarantee your safety or your comfort while piloting a Kuratas, but they say it does “make your dream of becoming a robot pilot, come true.”

The Kuratas is about four meters high, and comes in seven ‘characters.' It's also carbon-coated and bullet proof!

Kuratas runs on a next-generation Robot Operating System called V-Sido. This enables you to move the arms and the torso.

The robot can reach a not-so-dazzling top speed of 10 kilometers an hour, but what will probably make up for that is its weapons system.

There is the Lohas launcher which is promised to be safe for humans and will hit its target “from time to time.” Then there is the ‘fun’ twin Gatling guns that shoots 6000 BB bullets per minute, and is triggered by the pilot’s smile!

The company advises consumers to assume the emergency position advised for airplane emergencies if the Kuratas accidentally topples over.

What would one pay for a giant robot-artwork that can travel at 10 km per hour, shoot people with BB bullets and, on the rare occasion, might topple over? Oh, only $1.35 million—before options, of course!


A violent vigilante helped solved a small town's meth problem!

Like many small towns in America, in Gerald, Missouri methamphetamine addiction is rampant. Or at least was. This all changed when a man named Sergeant Bill arrived in town.

At first people had no idea who he was, and local law enforcement assumed he was sent from the federal government. Doors were knocked down and arrests were quickly made.

Clearly Sergeant Bill was not someone who had much patience with meth addicts. In just a couple months Gerald was showing steady improvement and the drug problem seemed to have vanished all together. This all changed when people began to wonder just who this man was.

Sergeant Bill was actually a former trucking company owner, former security guard, former wedding minister, and a former small-town cop! In fact he was from about 30 miles away.

A criminal investigation is currently underway against Bill! Although he seemed to help the town, breaking into peoples’ homes, putting a gun to their head, and taking them away in handcuffs still seems to be illegal!


In 1943 three young men got on a train and freed 200 Jewish prisoners using only one pistol and some wire cutters!

In 1943 three young men had a plan to save Jewish people from being deported to Auschwitz.

On the night of 19 April 1943, they got on their bicycles and cycled 40 kilometers from their homes in Brussels to Boortmeerbeek in Flanders.

There were 1,600 Jews on a train that was transporting them from Belgium to the infamous Nazi death camp and Robert Maistriau (22), Youra Livchitz(25), and Jean Franklemon (25), were adamant to free them from that horrible fate.

They were armed with one pistol, three pairs of wire cutters, a lantern, a red rag and a lot of courage and determination.

They made an impromptu stop sign by wrapping their lantern in the red rag and laying it on the tracks. They lay in wait and watched as the train actually came to a stop.

Robert then ran to the train and forced a carriage door open with his wire cutters. Seventeen people managed to jump out and run as the guards opened fire.

Livchitz returned fire with the pistol while Maistriau and Franklemon managed to break open another carriage. They told the prisoners to get out and run for their lives.

The guards were coming too close and the brave trio had to jump on their bicycles and flee, racing all the way back to Brussels, but some prisoners still on the train managed to break into the open cars and made their escape as the train started moving again.

The bravery of those three young men saved the lives of 200 of the 1600 Jewish prisoners and it was the only time in occupied Europe that resistance fighters liberated a deportation train.


Most American 4-6 year olds will rather watch television than spend time with their dads. Is your TV a drug?

Are parents too busy for their children? This question has been raised many times in the past. Dual income households and the general problems of the world mean that parents do not always have the time to spend with their kids. The TV becomes the babysitter and is the number one choice when children have to be kept occupied.

The average child watches 1,680 minutes of television a week. So what is the average number of minutes per week parents spend in quality conversation with their children? Only 3-5 minutes! That is why 54% of American preschoolers, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their dads, chose the television.

A Rutgers University psychologist had this to say: “Millions of Americans are so hooked on television that they fit the criteria for substance abuse as defined in the official psychiatric manual. Heavy TV viewers exhibit five dependency symptoms–two more than necessary to arrive at a clinical diagnosis of substance abuse. These include: 1) using TV as a sedative; 2) indiscriminate viewing; 3) feeling loss of control while viewing; 4) feeling angry with oneself for watching too much; 5) inability to stop watching; and 6) feeling miserable when kept from watching.”


The first Native American that met with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony just walked into their encampment and welcomed them in English!

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony were most astounded when, on February 16, 1622, a Native American named Samoset, chief of the Pemaquids, casually strolled into their encampment.

He was alone and “he was stark naked, only a leather about his waist, with a fringe about a span long, or little more.”

All he carried with him was a bow and two arrows.

What was even more intriguing to them is that he was the first native they came across and yet, he addressed them in English, welcoming them!

They later found out that he learned the language from some English fishermen that came to fish off Monhegan Island. He also knew the names of most of the captains and commanders.

They were very nervous of him being in their camp at first, but he was very bold and talkative and supplied the Pilgrims with valuable information about the country.

He could also inform them of the location of other tribes, the names of their chiefs and their numbers.

At some point he asked them for some beer, but in stead they gave him “strong water and biscuit, and butter, and cheese, and pudding, and a piece of mallard, all which he liked well.”



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