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The founders of just got married!

After a whirlwind year and a half romance, Emerson Spartz mustered up the courage to propose to his college sweetheart, Gaby Montero. (You may know Emerson from the World’s #1 Harry Potter Site and Gaby as the hostess of the OMGFacts YouTube videos).

Just over two years later, the dynamic duo are living and working in downtown Chicago at Spartz Media, a tech firm they built from the ground up with a group of college friends and other talented coworkers. Last Saturday afternoon, the Spartzes officially tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony held at Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica on the west side of Chicago. A doozy of a reception followed down at Navy Pier, where the pair’s family and friends gathered from as far as Gaby’s home country of Ecuador and as close as the Chicagoland area.

Everyone here at OMGFacts as well as all the other Spartz Network websites wishes Emerson and Gaby all the best as they embark down the road of what are sure to be years of wedded bliss.

Despite conventional wisdom, men are actually more romantic than women.

Romance is generally assumed to be a female pursuit, but a recent survey at produced surprising results: both men and women agreed that men were more likely to take romantic action. TheIceBreak users were asked whether they or their partners were more romantic, and both genders agreed (at nearly 50%) that the men were (as compared to some, both members of the couple, or neither). Ladies, it may be time to step up your game! For more relationship facts visit their blog.

There is a man who skydived from a ballon in space!

Joseph Kittinger has the record for longest, highest, and fastest skydive. You can see his jump at 6:14 in the video.

There’s a special pattern that appears on people after they get struck by lightning.

A Lichtenberg figure is a fern-like shape that shows up on certain kinds of material after being exposed to a high voltage. The shape is made up of branching electric discharges. You can produce one yourself in a laboratory by placing a needle onto a plate of glass, and then sending electric current through the needle into the glass. If examined with a microscope, you’ll see that the resulting fern-like shape is actually fractal. That means that as you continue to zoom in, you’ll find smaller and smaller versions of the same shape.

When human beings get struck by lightning, a Lichtenberg figure can appear on their bodies for hours or even days. Medical examiners can use this to determine the cause of death on a victim of a fatal lightning strike. These are thought to be caused by ruptured blood vessels under the skin. They're also referred to as "lightning flowers".


The Matrix was produced by the inventor of Ultimate Frisbee.

The Matrix was produced by the inventor of Ultimate Frisbee.

Joel Silver is a well-known action movie producer. His film credits include producing 48 Hours, Streets of Fire, the first two Die Hard films, the Lethal Weapon films, the Matrix trilogy, V For Vendetta, Speed Racer, and the first two Predator movies.

It’s pretty easy for producers to go unnoticed for their work. In fact Silver is probably best known for two things:

1) He came up with Ultimate Frisbee (now just called “Ultimate”) when he was still in high school.

2) He made an appearance as an actor, playing a parody of himself, in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


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