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Following Arab tradition, a Saudi prince grants financial wishes to 1000 people every month!

Each month, people line up single file and hand letters to the prince’s assistant. The letters are reviewed and the prince grants 1000 wishes per month.

The wishes always vary, but many of them are for a car or financial help for a person’s family, are for houses to be paid off. For over 25 years, the prince has given away tens of thousands of dollars.



There’s an entire power grid just for Texas!

There are actually only 3 power grids for the entire U.S. The Western, the Eastern, and Texas has its very own. It's a complex network of independently owned and operated power plants and transmission lines.

The system is becoming questionable due to aging infrastructure and energy consumption and is being examined and major changes could need to take place in the near future.


A guy developed parahawking, which is a combination of paragliding and falconry!

Parahawking is an adventurous sport of paragliding and falconry. A paraglider is a light-weight glider aircraft that is free flying and launched on the ground. It has no rigid primary structure.

The flyer is strapped in by a harness with fabric wings above him to help him fly. Parahawking is paragliding with trained birds of prey. The birds help guide you towards thermal and other air currents. It’s listed in a travel book from 2010 and is extremely unique. It is available in Nepal.


Wookiees are to blame for building the exhaust port on the Death Star!

The thermal exhaust portal was a design flaw of the Death Star. It was originally going to be removed from the plans. It eventually ended up being installed, though. The architect overseeing the build told the Wookiee to not install the exhaust portal. The architect was in the process of amending the plans.

Before the Wookiee had a chance to follow through, he became very sick and was taken to a medcenter. His replacement went ahead and built the portal without knowledge of the amendment.


Walt Disney World is celebrating Leap Day by staying open for 24 hours for the first time ever.

For the first time in history, Disney theme parks are staying open for a full 24-hours in a celebration of Leap Day. 

The campaign is called "One More Disney Day," and it means that Walt Disney World and Disneyland are staying open between 6 AM on February 29 to 6 AM on March 1st. 

The hundreds of guests were greeted by Mickey and Minnie dressed in pajamas (it was pretty early, after all). The Mayor of Main Street asked everyone to make 24 hours full of memories for the day.

Do you know anyone who went? Did you go, or are planning to go now? Let us know in the comments!



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