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You can get an award for being patient with your Tootsie Pop

If you send a letter to Tootsie Industries, Inc. telling them  how many licks it takes you to reach the center of the Tootsie Pop, you will receive a reward for your effort.

That reward is a certificate issued by Tootsie Industries Inc. It's called "The Clean Stick Award," it's a paper certificate that is mailed to you. We've told you previously it takes somewhere between 144 and 411 licks (which is a pretty good range) so you should go try it and tell us. If you've gotten a certificate we'd love to see it!


The medical name for a runny nose is "rhinorrhea".

Rihnorrea is normally referred to as having a runny nose. This could be caused by allergies, broken or injured nose, sinus cancer, respiratory infections amongst other causes. People who suffer from rihnorrea could also experience nosebleeds, and other symptoms that are related to the common cold. Usually rhinorrea doesn’t require any direct treatment.

Did you know that brain fluid, or cerebrospinal fluid, could also lead to runny nose. The most common cause is blunt trauma. The leak is a result of a laceration in the brain to the area where the fluid is located.


The original Apple I computer sold for $666.66

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple and creator of the personal computer, priced his creation with an even but culturally odd number.

The Apple I was hand built by Wozniak himself with no outside assistance and in 1975 the Company sold 200 units for $666.66 a piece. This price raised some eyebrows and shocked many consumers because of its relation to the devil.

No need to worry though, Wozniak is anything but the devil. When asked about the price he said he had no idea about the correlation and mentioned that he just “likes repeating numbers." In 1977 Apple lowered the price of the Apple I to $475. Today an original Apple I is estimated to sell for around $15,000, although one sold for $50,000 at auction in 1999.


There's a $17,500 watch that operates on belts!

Take a look at this really expensive watch. It uses a complicated mechanism with belts and optical sensors that keep the belts positioned just right.

What do you think, is this watch worth that much money?


Two convicted murderers are getting married... without even meeting each other in person

The bride is 20 years old and serving a 32-year sentence for helping her ex-boyfriend shoot and kill a man in 2010. The groom is a 26-year old facing death penalty for multiple murders. 

Their romance began through letters being delivered between them. Soon, the letters were exchanged more frequently, and they fell in love. They had never met.

They petitioned the state of California, and they allowed them to marry in a ceremony in which they were separated by a wall, taking their vows over the phone. 



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