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Coke is so popular, Diet Coke outsells even Regular Pepsi!

In 2009, people bought the same amount of Diet Coke as regular Pepsi. The very next year, Diet Coke had an even greater share of the market than Pepsi! Mountain Dew is the fourth highest seller after Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Pepsi. You might think, that with people’s preference for regular soda over diet soda, regular Pepsi would have higher sales than Diet Coke.
Comparatively, people buy just under twice as much regular Coke as they buy Diet Coke. Pepsi simply does not have the same following, as evidenced statistically. Coca-Cola Co. sold 3928.6 million cases of soda while PepsiCo sold only 2744.7 million cases in 2010. Dr. Pepper Snapple is the company with the next highest sales, selling 1562.8 million cases. Whether it’s the adorable Coca-Cola polar bear or just the flavor, more people seem to prefer Coke. Which do you prefer: Coke or Pepsi?

The deepest 'musical' note in the known universe comes from a black hole!

The rumblings of a black hole in the Perseus galaxy is 57 octaves below middle C. For comparison, a typical piano has 7 octaves. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory was used by NASA in the discovery of the black hole in 2003. The black hole they recorded is 250 million light years away from Earth.

It was the first time sound waves were found around a supermassive black hole. It supports the theory that black holes are not 'holes' but rather really dense concentrations of matter. 

The soundwaves found may actually solve a longstanding astrophysics problem. Scientists have always wondered why they always found pockets of hot gas in the Universe, but almost never cold gas. They think that the sound waves emanating from the black hole cause the gas to remain hot.


The Sandwich is turning 250 years old this year!

This year in Britain, sandwiches are getting a well-deserved  birthday party in the form of a 12-month marketing campaign from the British Sandwich Association.  The birth of the sandwich occurred in 1762, a number noted in the logo created by the organization to honor the sandwich. 

Sandwiches got their name from John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, who was the first to request meat between pieces of bread. A new website called has been created to feature sandwich promotions and market the anniversary. A sarnie is British slang for a  sandwich. The website has Facebook and Twitter pages. To promote and market sandwiches, the British Sandwich Association is hosting a competition,  as well as using TV programs to share the  history of sandwiches.

The organization has plans to increase its marketing efforts in May in order to get media attention. Does the fact that sandwiches are 250 years old strike you as too old or too young according to what you expected?


Einstein designed a refrigerator over 70 years ago. It’s finally being used today.

Einstein, along with Leo Szilard worked together to develop a new refrigerator after hearing a story about a family killed by the harsh chemicals leaking from their refrigerator. During that time chemicals such as methyl chloride, ammonia and sulfur dioxide, were used for refrigeration. These chemicals were poisonous and led to accidents. 

It was this reality that led Einstein and Szilard to develop a new way to refrigerate food. This refrigerator relied on concepts developed in Szilard’s dissertation work. Their new design included an electromagnetic pump and used pressurized ammonia, butane and water. It did not necessarily need electricity, just a heat source. 

This refrigerator design was not used because the toxic chemicals being used in refrigerators produced at the time had been replaced by the less toxic Freon, so there was little interest in Einstein and Szilard’s design. Despite little use of the design while Einstein was alive, modern scientists and graduate students have recreated Einstein’s refrigerator for its environmental advantages. With modification in the gases used and in the original design of Einstein and Szilard, the refrigerator may yet get use in modern times. Read more about how the refrigerator works at the source.


A new startup has invented a 'Tacocopter.' An unmanned vehicle that delivers tacos to you. It's currently being blocked by the FAA.

It sounds like something out of the Hunger Games, but a Silicon Valley startup has created a flying robot that delivers tacos to your location. You can go on the website and based on your GPS location, the Tacocopter will fly to you and give you tacos.

Unfortunately, the US Government is standing between you and your flying taco fantasies. Current FAA regulations prohibit unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes. This means that despite the fact that the Tacocopter has been around since June 2011, it can't operate on a commercial scale. They should dream bigger. Why just tacos? They should do four course fancy meals.



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