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There is a flower that comes to life even if it is bone dry!

The Ramonda Serbica is a plant that is found primarily in Serbia. Although it may exist in a very small amount of places just outside of Serbia, the plant is named after the country that it lives in. The plant is also known as the Serbian Phoenix Flower, because it seems to live in the most unfavourable conditions. Whenever the plant is on the verge of death and absolutely dry, with a few drops of water the flower can spring back to life in a matter of moments.

The plant was discovered in 1928 by a Russian scientist. The interesting thing about this discovery is that it was completely by accident! He was spending some time near the plant, and believed it was already dead. He accidentally spilled his water onto the plant, and the discovery of the Ramonda Serbica was made.


11 Things You Didn't Know About Your Body!

It’s scientifically proven that splashing cold water into your face helps you calm down!

Most of us probably do it every morning, just to freshen up or to snap out of that weird dream. It’s called “Mammalian Diving Reflex”. Of course this is not just about morning routines, as it also happens when you dive underwater.

The process may seem quick, but during those few seconds three changes occur in the body:

  • First, your heart rate slows down up to 25 percent.
  • Second, the blood flow to the limbs are reduced, just to make sure the brain and the heart receive enough oxygen.
  • Third, there is a blood shift, but this only occurs during very deep dives. This allows the blood plasma and water to pass through organs to protect them against the increasing pressure.

Now that you know this actually works, you could try it before a business meeting, or simply a date. Even by using a cold wet towel, you can activate  this reflex in order to calm your nerves.


Gas used to be so useless it was simply thrown away!

Learn why Body: In the 19th century, the primary reason that crude oil was processed at all was to extract Kerosene. The gasoline that we now use for our cars, among other things, was considered absolutely useless and was just tossed into the nearest river. How safe.

As time went on, Kerosene was used less and less because people were realizing how dangerous and flammable it was. In 1880, it is recorded that two out of every five fires were caused by defective Kerosene lamps. When the automobile was invented, gasoline was finally extracted from crude oil and used instead of being dumped into nearby rivers! Next time oil prices jump, blame people from the 19th century for wasting so much gas.


A Subaru Production Plant throws out less garbage in 1 year than a family of 4 does in 1 day! How?

Prepare to feel really awful about how much garbage you throw out every day. You may look in your garage and find a few items that you regard as scrap metal, so you just take them down to the dump to sit in a big pile of garbage. Well, if Subaru can find a way to use that same type of metal over and over again, you should be able to find a better way to dispose of it.

There is a Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana that has become the first auto manufacturing plant to not have any waste! They have achieved a zero landfill status by recycling 99.3% of its steel, plastic, wood, and other materials that they have. The other 0.7% of materials is sent to Indianapolis to be burned to help generate steam! In 2006, the plant recycled 11,411 tons of steel, as well as 1,537 tons of cardboard and paper!


Donald Sutherland made $40,000 from Animal House when he could have earned at least $1,416,000! Why?

Donald Sutherland is known for many roles, including appearing in such films as The Italian Job, Pride and Prejudice, and he was even in the television show M*A*S*H! He also starred in the film Animal House, which is a great movie. If you haven’t already seen it, you should. Unfortunately for Donald Sutherland, he made a crucial error after being offered a role in the movie Animal House.

Sutherland was given an ultimatum; he could either accept $40,000 upfront, or he could take a percentage of whatever profit the movie made. He thought the film would be an absolute failure, so he decided to take the $40,000! He was wrong, and the film became a classic comedy! If he had taken just 1% of the film, he would have made $1,416,000! Oops? Learn more about Donald Sutherland’s life by reading the source



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