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There is a species of catfish that will strand itself on a beach to kill pigeons!

European catfish are the largest catfish in all of Europe, growing up to 1.5 meters in length! That, however, was not what got so many French fisherman video taping them. What sparked fishermen's curiosity is the fact that these catfish are often seen swimming eerily close to the shore, then, jumping out and attacking unsuspecting pigeons.

The European catfish often purposely fling themselves onto the shore in order to lure pigeons close to them. When the pigeon gets close, the catfish flops up and attacks the pigeon trapping it inside of it's mouth before dragging it back into it's freshwater home to have a feast!

Click the source to see actual VIDEO of this happening!


Before he quit Community, Chevy Chase tried to fight another actor on the show!

Chevy Chase has been rather outspoken when talking about how much he dislikes the sitcom that he stars in, Community. In fact, it was after a series of arguments with the show's creator, Dan Harmon, that resulted in Dan Harmon being fired from the show. Furthermore, Chevy Chase has said on countless occasions that he believes the show sucks, and is terribly unfunny.

Well, it seems as if the cast and crew of the show have had enough of Chevy Chase because he has been removed from the show since the end of Season 4. Joel McHale, who plays a smarmy lawyer named Jeff Winger, said on the Howard Stern show that on numerous occasions, Chevy Chase tried to physically fight him! Joel says the altercations would start after he told Chevy Chase to lighten up a bit, and to try to enjoy his work experience!


A 14 year old boy broke into Buckingham Palace and stole the Queen's underwear!

Edward Jones would be later nicknamed The boy Jones because he was able to break into Buckingham Palace...multiple times. The first time he entered the Palace he disguised himself as a sweep and was granted access. However, a royal servant became wise to what Jones was doing and tried to detain him. The boy Jones ran away but was later apprehended by police. They found the Queen's underwear stuffed down his pants - and a sword hidden down his back!

The second time the boy Jones broke in he scaled the wall of the Palace, entered it, and left undetected. He broke in again but was caught by a maid after he was hiding under a couch. He broke in a third time after serving a brief jail sentence, and was caught snacking in one of the Royal bedrooms.

His constant burglaries led the Queen to hire three more guards on duty to prevent anyone else from being granted access! The Boy Jones served another jail sentence for snacking in a Royal bedroom and when he was released, he lived a life of burglary and drunkenness. He moved to Australia where he was the town crier of Perth, but soon died after he fell while drunk.


15 Facts That May Change The Way You Look At Food

Twinkies have beef fat in them!

Twinkies are famous for being unhealthy (and delicious). They're also known for their long shelf life due to their many preservatives. If you're eating a Twinkie, it's not for the health benefits. But what is actually in a Twinkie? You might be surprised.

Apart from enriched flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated oils, Twinkies also contain beef fat. Vegetarians beware! One Twinkie contains 2.5 grams of saturated fat, which is 13% of the daily recommended fat intake based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.

Overall, a Twinkie is 42% sugars, 21% complex carbohydrates and 11% fat by weight. As far as the urban legend that claims that Twinkies can last months or even years on the shelf, this false. Although it does last longer than other types of food due to the preservatives and the way it is made.

A Twinkie can usually last 7-10 days on the shelf but can sometimes be safe for 25 days or more. Conclusion? You wouldn't want to stock your bomb shelter with them because not only would they not provide any nutritional benefit but they wouldn't last very long either.


Not swinging your arms makes walking 12% more difficult!

A new study explained why it is that we swing our arms when we walk. It's because they make waking a much easier effort. In fact, the experiments conducted for the study found that not swinging your arms increased the effort of walking by 12%.

To put that number in different terms, if you don't swing your arms, you exert the same amount of effort as if you were walking 20% faster or you were carrying a 20lbs backpack.

Why would anyone spend their time researching this, you ask? Well, they hope that these findings will help develop better walking robots and also aid in physical therapy.



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