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Los Angeles requires all buildings over 75ft to have an emergency helipad!

Because of that regulation, there are no skyscrapers in LA, or buildings with tall spires or antennas. However, as a result, LA is the city with the most helipads: over 75!

The reason for it seems to be that most fire truck ladders only reach heights of about 80 feet. Anything taller, and the only viable rescue option is a helicopter.

The code was adopted in 1974 and has made a dramatic visual of the city. There are no post-modern pyramid-topped buildings, no neo-Gothic or Modern spires, topped by an antenna mast.

All major buildings in LA built after 1974 have flat tops, to accommodate the required 50 x 50 foot touchdown pad, surrounded by an obstruction-free Peripheral Area of 25 feet.

Do these helipads help save lives? Maybe, but thankfully there haven’t been any situations that would prove it. What do you think? Is this regulation a good or bad idea?


The famous line in Spider-Man “With great power comes great responsibility” has been around since at least 1817!

The phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" is common. In the young generation it’s been made famous by Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben who used the phrase on Peter a little bit before being shot dead.

Where exactly did this phrase come from though? According to records kept by British Parliament, the phrase goes as far back as 1817 and maybe before. The Parliamentary Debates from the Year 1803 to the Present Time chronicles the goings on of Parliament.

During 1817, this volume notes "that the possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility." While not exactly the same wording as the phrase we use today, the idea is the same.

Of course it's possible that this statement goes back further than 1817, but at the very least we know it's a few centuries old. Having survived for so long, I suppose we should all heed its advice.


Alice Cooper paid to restore the O in the Hollywood sign in honor of his friend, Groucho Marx!

Alice Cooper is an American rock singer, musician and songwriter whose career spanned six decades. His rock is theatrical, shocking and dark and he often draws from horror movies and garage rock for inspiration.

Interestingly, Alice Cooper was actually good friends with Groucho Marx, despite their almost 60-year difference in age. Marx, the famous comedian, would help Alice Cooper fall asleep when he was suffering from insomnia.

In the 1970's the famous Hollywood sign was in disrepair. Nine donors contributed the funds to restore one letter each. In honor of Marx, Alice Cooper donated the money to restore the "O." While they may have been an unlikely pair, there's no doubt that the two entertainers were great friends.


Thomas Jefferson believed the Constitution should be rewritten every 19 years!

Arguably one of the most influential voices of the 18th century, Thomas Jefferson was instrumental in the establishment of the United States and the formation of our government.

However, as important as he and his opinions were, he believed it should all be completely redone every 19 years! Why would he say this?

Jefferson wrote, “Every constitution, then, and every law, natural expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.” Jefferson believed that every nineteen years a new generation was in power, and should no be subject to laws established by the previous generation because they were no longer relevant.

For example, the introduction of the Internet changed how we go about our lives and business. According to Jefferson, this mandates a complete revision of the Constitution because the old rules have no significance for a new time!


A bank robber became popular because he destroyed people’s mortgages from the banks he robbed!

Pretty Boy Floyd was an infamous Depression-era, American bank robber. Born Charles Arthur Floyd in Georgia, he was one of seven children. His parents were farmers, and the family was extremely poor. At first, Floyd attempted to be a farmer as well, but once he failed at this, he turned to a life of crime.

He was arrested at age 18 for a payroll robbery and vowed to never steal again. The allure was too much for him though, and he went on to continue robbing banks.

He began in Ohio with a group of gangsters and was known for being reckless with his machine gun. From there, he moved on to robbing banks in Oklahoma, Kentucky and and Michigan.

During his robbing spree in Oklahoma, it is said that bank insurance rates doubled. Perhaps because of his poor upbringing, Floyd became known for destroying mortgage papers at some of the banks he robbed and ridding many people of debt.

Some dubbed him the "Robin Hood of the Cooksoon Hills." This somewhat endeared himself to the public. It did not save him from the FBI though. In 1934 after robbing a bank, Floyd was shot and killed by FBI agents during a chase.



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