Canada says good riddance to members of the Westboro Baptist Church located in Topeka, Kansas. The church is not associated with any of the major Baptist denominations. 

In fact, they have all denounced the Westboro Baptist Church and adamantly state there is no affiliation. Canada isn’t the only country that has banned the church members from their country. 

The United Kingdom has banned them entering their country, as well, on the basis of hate speech. The WBC is known for their outrageous stances and pickets. They travel all over making horrible statements about God hating…well, basically everyone who isn’t them. 

They attack homosexuals, soldiers, and Jews among other groups with their pickets and protests. There doesn’t seem to be any real aim or goal for their protests, except to gain attention. 

They’ve even been denounced by the KKK as being “hatemongers.” Now, that is a pretty serious statement, coming from one of the United States’ first recognized terrorist groups.