\"\" The twinkies that Woody Harrelson eats in Zombieland are not real!

Woody is a vegan and also does not consume any sugar, so the elusive yellow snack cakes that his character is OBSESSED with were actually a big no-no for him. Fortunately, the filmmakers were able to provide the star with a convincing substitute made out of corn meal, which the actor found to be delicious. He even thinks the faux spongecakes could bring about a ‘healthy Twinkie revolution’!

Here’s one of the best scenes in the film, in which Tennessee (Harrelson) has finally found the mother lode of his favorite Hostess snack...or has he?

Funny story - while on the TV show Cheers, Woody’s character was said to be obsessed with Sno Balls...my, how the times have changed!