Cuba actually has one of the longest average life expectancies for its region of the world, even despite the hit its medical care took following the end of the Soviet subsidies in 1991. The US embargo against Cuba has also had an effect on their health care. But those who live in Cuba still beat out the US in life expectancy.

In Cuba, a person can expect to live for 78.3 years, while the US lifespan is on average around 78.2. Still, both are down a bit on the global scale. The longest life expectancy goes to the nation of Japan, at 82.7 years. The US sits at 37th place, below Ireland, the UK, Spain, Finland, and even the US territories of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Who’s the lowest on the list? Well that unfortunate award goes to Swaziland, where the average person can expect to live to the age of 32 or so.