If you're familiar with Catholicism you probably know that there is a Patron Saint for most occupations and things. There's a Patron Saint for fireworks, fishermen and even prostitutes. Turns out, the Internet also has a Patron Saint: Saint Isidore of Seville. Why would he be the Patron Saint of the Internet?

Saint Isidore wrote a 20-book collection called Etymologies, or The Origins. In them, he tried to record everything that was known in his time. The book was published after his death in the year 636, and was considered the encyclopedia of all human knowledge for over 1000 years.

The book was written in simple Latin, and it had all kinds of information. For example, the 28 types of common noun to the names of women's outer garments. His search to record knowledge and make it available echoes the purpose of the Internet, which is why Pope John Paul II nominated him for this role.