In the original version of the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty was raped.

Much like in many of the earliest version of our beloved children's stories, Sleeping Beauty is actually a shockingly violent narrative. The first rendering described our noble hero not as having planted a kiss on her, but instead as having ravaged her slumbering body!

Several months passed, and though still fast asleep, Sleeping Beauty gave birth to a pair of twins. The forest fairies took care of the babies, and one day while nursing, one of the children mistook Sleeping Beauty's thumb for a nipple and sucked out the poison splinter that was causing her drowsiness! What a pleasant surprise it must have been to find not only that she had been asleep for several months, but that she had been knocked up during that time as well! (Read the whole original story)

The Sleeping Beauty story that we know has been changed many times over the centuries. The basis for most modern variants on the story stem from Charles Perrault\'s \"The Tales of Mother Goose\" from 1697. His story was a cleaned-up version of the original gruesome rape story, \"Sole, Luna, e Talia\" from Giambattista Basile in 1634.