Final Harry Potter film was the eighth in the series and the only one to be released in 3D, as well. So, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was released in 2011 and grossed $1,328,111,219 worldwide. Throughout the series it is said that Daniel Radcliffe broke upwards of 80 wands, because he used them as drumsticks. J.K. Rowling said that killing off Remus Lupin was the hardest decision she had to make while writing the books.

She felt that it was important to show that impossible sacrifices are made during times of war and important people die. She chose Remus and Tonks to die, because it left their infant son Teddy as an orphan, which mirrored Harry’s situation. Harry ended up being Teddy’s godfather, too. Before the last books were even written, Radcliffe asked J.K. Rowling if Harry Potter dies in the end. After a long pause, she replied, “You get a death scene.”

Although Harry Potter does in fact survive in the end, this is the only Harry Potter movie in which Harry himself does not deliver the final line. His son Albus Severus Potter delivers the final line, actually. It should also be noted that in the end of the actual book, Harry does in fact deliver the last spoken line, although the remaining text is narration.