Justin Timberlake has come pretty far since his N’Sync days. He’s a successful actor, a husband, and a solo artist with respect for the environment. He’s also gotten himself into the golfing industry. His priorities were to be green, make the golf course open to the public, and use the facility to grow the game of golf.

It isn’t the first time that he’s made being green a priority. During his last concert tour he hired a company to calculate the carbon footprint left by each of his concerts. In the cities that he played in, he then had enough trees planted to offset the carbon footprint that he had left. His work at the Mirimichi Golf Center in Tennessee was no different. He paid special attention to making sure the center was green.

Mirimichi Golf Center is the only golf course in the world to hold both the certificate as an Audubon Classic Sanctuary from Audubon International and one from Golf Environment Organization. Mirimichi Golf Center was the first in the U.S. to receive either of the certificates, too.