A WWII carrier pigeon with a coded message was recently found in the UK. British spies can't figure it out!

A man in Bletchingley, Surrey County, England was cleaning his chimney when he found the corpse of a carrier pigeon. It had been dead for about 70 years. The most remarkable thing is that it had a small red canister attached to its leg. Inside, an encoded message that was still intact.

The message is written in stationary labeled "Pigeon Service." The message consists of 5-letter words that are jumbled with words such as 'AOAKN' and "HVPKD.' In trying to figure out what the message says, they need a lot of information that has probably been lost or destroyed. The encryption codes have been destroyed; it's not clear who it was meant for or who sent it.

It looks like the meaning of this message might never be solved. If you wanna learn more about it, go here.