Christophe Bassons was a professional road racing cyclist from Mazamet, France. His career ended when he spoke out against doping in the Tour de France, though. He began cycle-racing in mountain biking in 1991. Previously he had been a civil engineer. He started racing on the road in 1992 and won the Tour du Tarn et Garonne in 1995. He turned professional in 1996 for Force Sud and then switched to Festina when Force Sud failed. He was invited to the Tour de France and to write for a column for the 1999 Tour de France.

He wrote a little about the doping going on or his suspicions of it and got the whole peloton mad at him. Lance Armstrong was verbal with him and told him to quit and he wasn’t wanted there. Everyone turned on him. His teammates refused to share prizes with him. He quit cycling professionally after another year of cycling.