It’s called LAGEOS-1, which stands for Laser Geodynamics Satellites. There are actually a series of satellites that are aluminum-covered brass spheres, and each only 60 centimeters long. They currently orbit 5,900 kilometers above the earth and reflect pulsed laser beams transmitted from the ground to give scientists a way to study the makeup of the Earth.

Their main purpose is to be able to determine extremely specific points on Earth with incredible accuracy. One of these satellites, LAGEOS-1, was sent into space in 1976 and has been programmed to return to Earth in 8.4 million years. The satellite has what scientists believe the continents will look like at that time.

It also contains a plaque showing the arrangement of the continents in the past and present. Hopefully, future peoples will see this and be able to gain a deeper insight into what we are like as people and the breadth of our knowledge.