The pope drinks four cans of Fanta per day!

Pope Benedict XVI is a major Fanta fan. When the Archbishop of York John Sentamu visited the pope at the Vatican in 2008, he brought a case of Holy Grail beer brewed in Yorkshire as a gift for the pope. Instead of drinking a cold one with the pope, he was handed Fanta. The pope’s aides said that he is addicted and drinks four cans of Fanta a day. That is 1460 cans a year.

The German born pope is said to be obsessed with the stuff. He shuns alcohol and tries to get all his guests to drink pop instead. Fanta was actually first created in Germany, the pope’s home country. Coca-Cola was flattered that the pope enjoyed their beverage and sent him a few cases as a thank you. They joked that they probably wouldn’t be using the pope in any of their ad campaigns, though.