In the UK, the game is known as Cluedo, but here in the U.S. we call it Clue. The game was published in Waddingtons, Leeds, England in 1949 and created by Anthony Pratt, a solicitor’s clerk from Birmingham, England. Hasbro has since bought the rights to produce it in the U.S, because it bought the production rights of Parker Brothers and Waddingtons. 

Several books and a film have been released based on the game. Since 1949, several spin-off games have been released and specialty Clue with extra characters. In the UK, the character of Mr. Green is originally Reverend Mr. Green. When the game was brought to the U.S., its creators insisted on it being changed to Mr. Green. 

They felt that Americans would be upset at the idea of a parson being a murderer. So, Reverend Mr. Green simply became Mr. Green to keep the U.S. happy with the game.