The lady that ruined the fresco of Jesus is suing the Church it's in!

You might remember the story of the 80-year-old lady who took it upon herself to restore a fresco of Jesus to disastrous results. The story, and the painting, achieved large scale Internet fame to the point of becoming a meme. Then, something else happened. The painting also became a huge touristic attraction. Airlines were offering tickets for less than $20 from some places to go see the painting. Tourists were flocking the church, and they were becoming a distraction, and they weren't leaving any donations. 

The church decided to charge an entry fee as a way to control crowds. It seems that the church made €2,000 (~$2600) in just 4 days. This angered the 80-year-old amateur painter and her family. They've lawyered up, hoping to collect royalties from the fees that the church is charging. The church has hired a lawyer to defend itself. We'll see how this plays out. What do you think? Does the lady have a right to royalties or does the fact that she ruined the painting, and did the job without being authorized diminish her claim?