After the 1900 Olympics, croquet was discontinued because only 1 spectator watched the event.

A “forever alone” tale for the ages. You probably know what croquet is. At least, you probably know it’s that game where people hit balls with hammers to make them go through some things on the ground. For the purpose of this article, that’s all you need to know. The (new) Olympics, in their relatively early days, at one point decided to include croquet as a sport. 

The Olympic Committee is always adding in new sports year to year. In 1900, the Olympics were held in Paris, and France won every croquet event. Some of the first women Olympiads also competed in there. But it wasn’t that popular with the spectators. An Englishman travelled from Nice just to see this particular event. He was the only one. As a result, croquet has not come back to the Olympics.