Laurence Tureaud, or “Mr. T” as everyone knows him, is an actor best known for his role in the television series The A Team and the movie Rocky III. He’s easily best known for his distinct hairstyle and catch phrase, “I pity the fool!” So the question is this: if you were looking for a hitman to kill your friend, would Mr. T be the first you would go to? 

The answer is yes for at least one man. Mr. T was once offered $75,000 to assassinate someone. He received a file in the mail and a $5,000 advance payment. According to Mr. T, “He offered me $75,000 to kill his friend. The last envelope and letter contained a round-trip airline ticket, first class, United. Plus there was $5,000 wrapped in a little package, fifty and hundred dollar bills. I tell you the honest truth, when I saw that money I didn't believe it was real." 

Mr. T flat out refused and tried to warn the victim, but he was too late. The man died in a car accident. Though assassination was out of his line of work, he often served as a bodyguard. He had two rules for accepting clients: A client couldn’t lie to him, and all clients had to shop around before coming to him. 

So if you need an assassin, you should look elsewhere. If you need a bodyguard, however, you’re in the right market.