In the 1960s, a group of journalists conspired to write a terrible book and it became a bestseller!

Mike McGrady was a “Newsday” columnist who felt the American literary standards were plummeting and that there was entirely too much media sensationalism that catered to a lack of real journalism or intelligence. So, he decided to write a book with other journalists that lacked any plot, no character development, no social insight, and definitely no verbal skill. The only real standard or drive in the book was to put a lot of kinky sex scenes, no less than two per chapter! 

McGrady figured that if it was a hit, then it’d show how pathetic the literary standards had become in the U.S. Each writer wrote one chapter and they named the book “Naked Came The Stranger.” In 1969 the book went on sale and the other was fictitiously named Penelope Ashe. McGrady pulled his beautiful sister-in-law to play the part of the author. 

The woman played Penelope perfectly, wearing low cut dresses to interviews and constantly speaking about the joys of sexual liberation. McGrady’s experiment backfired. Americans didn’t care that their literary standards were low and they called out for more racy books. “Naked Came the Stranger” became a bestseller and many books followed it. In 1975 the book actually became an x-rated movie!