Though it is speculation, Hitler is said to have been in love and in a romantic relationship with his half-sister’s daughter, Angela “Geli” Raubal. When Geli was 17, her mother became Hitler’s housekeeper and Hitler became alarmingly close and protective of Geli. She was nearly always accompanied by Hitler or a close associate in public and didn’t seem to reciprocate Hitler’s feelings for her.

Geli was said to be in a huge fight with Hitler the days leading up to her death, and the night of her death there was no staff in the house except one deaf worker. Hitler’s Walther pistol was left at home, which was unusual, and her room was locked from the inside. Her death was ruled a suicide, yet she was given a Catholic funeral. Some speculate that Hitler had her killed for disobeying him or refusing him. It is said that Hitler became a different man after Geli’s death, embittered and angry with humanity. 

After her death, Hitler kept a picture of Geli in each of his bedrooms and no one was allowed to say her name. In 1945, Hitler committed suicide with the same Walther pistol that ended Geli’s life.