She was called the Champawat Tiger. She was a Bengal, who during the 19th and 20th centuries killed over 430 people in Nepal and India. To this day she holds the record for the most deaths caused by a tiger in the Guinness Book of World Records. She started out in Nepal, where after 200 deaths, she was driven away from by the Nepalese Army into India.

She was clearly unfazed by this, though, as she didn’t seem to mind killing throughout India. Apparently she even made most of her killings during the daytime because she got so used to the ease of it. In 1907, she killed a 16 year old girl. This was the well overdue last straw, and so on the next day 300 villagers set out to kill the tigress. A man named Jim Corbett was the one who successfully shot her down.

It turned out that much of her mouth and teeth were damaged, so she had a difficult time hunting her natural prey and started hunting humans.