Google now lets you search by Bacon Number!

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is one of the funniest memes that's gone around Hollywood for a while. The basic premise came from a 1994 interview where Kevin Bacon said that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood or with someone who's worked with them. This eventually evolved into a fan theory that everyone is connected to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees of separation or less.

The actual game was created in early 1994 by 3 college students. The basic idea was to find the shortest 'distance' between any actor and Kevin Bacon. They wrote to Jon Stewart telling him that Kevin Bacon was the center of the universe. They made it onto Jon Stewart's show and the Howard Stern show. Although he initially disliked the game, Kevin Bacon now says he enjoys it and even started a charitable organization called

Google now makes it easier than ever to find out any celebrity's Bacon number. Just type in any celebrity name you can think of and add "Bacon Number." As hard as I tried, the biggest Bacon Number I found was Justin Bieber with 4. In fact, it's estimated that only about 12% of actors don't have a defined Bacon number. Try it yourself and let us know in the comments.