Exactly what you would expect to happen happened here. While it might seem a strange idea in the US, there are a lot of people out there who deny AIDS is real, deny HIV is real, or deny that HIV causes AIDS. 

Still, there is a surprisingly large “denialist” movement to try and disprove the existence of AIDS. Continuum was a magazine written by denialists and focusing on denialism. At one point, Continuum offered a £1,000 reward to "the first person finding one scientific paper establishing actual isolation of HIV.” The challenge was quickly dismissed by various scientists. 

So the year 2007 came around, and aidstruth.org sought to counter denialist claims. By this point, Continuum had already shut down. Aidstruth.org published a list of HIV/AIDS denialists who had died of AIDS or related causes. The editors of Continuum were included in the list. In each case, the death was due to secret drug use or stress related to being a denialist. 

The founder of the magazine, Jody Wells, died in 1995. The editors Tony Tompsett and Huw Christie Williams died in 1998 and 2001, respectively.