The mints given by a restaurant at the end of a meal are primarily NOT to freshen your breath, but to prevent nausea and upset stomach!

Posted Sep 11, by Aishwarya

And you thought Red Lobster actually cares about how minty fresh you are. But no, restaurants just want to make sure that the delicious meal you just had stays where you want it, so that your business stays where they want it! Peppermint-an active ingredient in most breath mints-contains menthol, which calms the smooth muscle of the digestive tract. 

Additionally, its pleasing smell helps soothe nerves. These properties make peppermint amazing treatment for heartburn, gas, stomach ache, and anything else that may be caused by stuffing your face. It also reduces abdominal pain and-um, flatulence. In fact, peppermint tea has long been used as treatment for flatulence. Other herbs like chamomile and ginger are also nice to your tummy after it’s worked long and hard. 


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