As humans we constantly use all five of our senses to understand the things around us, yet oddly enough when one sense is cut off, out other senses are altered, either for better or worse. A good example is of someone who loses their sight and suddenly their hearing is heightened. 

Scientists did extensive studies and oddly enough found that when our vision is disrupted our sense of taste is completely thrown off! When blindfolded, subjects often confuse stimuli and are unable to differentiate the taste of Parmesan cheese and vomit! There are several reasons for this. 

Long ago our bodies traded away nasal accuracy for better color vision, and without a precise nasal function we have trouble initially differentiating different foods without our sight. Also, both Parmesan and vomit contain high levels of butyric acid, which our taste buds pick up above other tastes making it extremely difficult to differentiate the two.

Scientists do note however that in actual life common sense would overrule our senses allowing us to spot the difference in texture.