Two years ago, U.S. Steel reopened a mill on a man-made island in the Detroit River, Zug Island. Since then, residents of Windsor, Ontario say they’ve heard an ever increasingly loud noise. It is actually two noises, though. One is a deep hum, like the sound of a diesel engine idling, and the other is really a low vibration that you can feel more than hear. 

Staff of Canada’s Foreign Ministry has sought to fix the problem and meet with U.S. Officials, but everyone keeps passing the buck to someone else and nothing is getting done. The steel mill won’t comment on the issue. The interesting thing is that American officials say that Americans don’t hear the noise at all. So, it makes it hard for them to take it seriously, since it isn’t affecting them. 

That isn’t really true, though, because residents of nearby towns on the American side say the noise is so bad that it shakes their homes and keeps them up at night. Residents in Windsor say that it is so bad, that kids don’t even want to play outside anymore.