Woody Harrelson ate custom made twinkies in Zombieland, because he's vegan!

Zombieland proved to be quite the movie for Woody Harrelson. It was the biggest opening weekend of any film of Harrelson’s career; making $24.7 million. During filming, Harrelson was arrested for marijuana possession, which halted production of the film. 

Special twinkies had to be made for Harrelson during shooting of the film, because he is a strict vegan and in the film they mention twinkies as submarinos in Mexico. They really do call them submarinos in Mexico. 

The film itself was actually written as a TV pilot, and was heavily revised to make it into a film. Several people including Evan Rachel Wood, Amber Tamblyn, and Megan Fox were considered for the role of Wichita. Wood and Fox turned the role down, though. In the end, Emma Stone became Wichita. 

The director was inspired by Shaun of the Dead and the film was originally going to be directed by John Carpenter, but he turned it down. Taylor Lautner was going to play Columbus, but he had prior engagements.