The media throws case stories at us all the time about kids going on shooting sprees or adults going crazy on their coworkers with a gun. They always link it back to violent video games the offenders played. Research is telling a different story. 

Dozens of studies have been done on the link between video game violence and real world violence. In the case of Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association the Supreme Court reviewed research on the matter to make a ruling. They found that there was no substantiated evidence to make the argument and found no links from video game violence to real world violence.

Australians were pushing to ban or restrict video games with violent content back in 2010. The government reviewed research and case studies, too. They reached the same conclusion as the Supreme Court did. Social scientists have analyzed the information given through research and conclude there is no link, either.

Do you know what they did find have a strong effect on kids becoming violent? The real-world violence they were exposed to in their daily lives. Kids whose parents or brothers were violent, were more likely to be violent in turn.