The only man to win the Decathlon and Pentathlon was Native American and had his medals taken away!


If there were ever an All-American guy, it would be Jim Thorpe. He was of Native American and Caucasian descent. He won Olympic gold medals in 1912 for the pentathlon and the decathlon. He played college and professional football and professional basketball and baseball. This guy was an incredible athlete. 

Unfortunately it was found out that he had been paid to play two seasons in semi-professional baseball before he competed in the Olympics. Because of this, his medals were stripped from him, since it violated the amateurism rules of the Olympics. 

Then in 1983, about 30 years after his death, the International Olympic Committee restored his Olympic medals to him. Thorpe played professional sports until he was 41 years old. The end of his sports career coincided with the beginning of the Great Depression. He lived in his native state of Oklahoma and became an alcoholic. Thorpe died in poverty due to bad health.