The SkyDome is now officially called Rogers Centre and is a multi-purpose stadium in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s right next to the CN Tower and can be seen from the stadium very easily. It was renamed the Rogers Centre after being purchased by Rogers Communication. The Centre is the first stadium to have a fully retractable motorized roof that weighs 11,000 tons and has 250,000 bolts.

It also has a 348 room hotel attached to it with 70 of the rooms overlooking the field. The hotels facing the field have normal two-way windows, meaning it can be seen out of and into. Apparently, numerous people have made the mistake of thinking the windows are just one-way looking out onto the field.

A couple was filmed and displayed on the Jumbotron having sex during a baseball game. A few days later a man was caught masturbating in a hotel room. A Sports Illustrated reporter tracked the guy down and said “I thought they were one-way windows.”