Pit bulls were used as babysitters!

Pit bulls were not only occasionally used as babysitters, but they were the dog of choice for children and used for the protection of those kids. They had such a good reputation that they were known as “The Nanny Dog.”

People from the richest to the poorest used pit bulls as companions and protectors for their kids. Pit bulls are portrayed as aggressive and temperamental dogs in today’s media. People are afraid that pit bulls will hurt them or their children, or that they are naturally prone to attack other dogs. 

What people don't realize is that the bad rep has a lot to do with the breeding and the way the dog is raised. They've recently been bred to be more violent, and owners sometimes educate them to be aggressive.

However, temperance tests, more specifically, tests in which a dog is deliberately annoyed to see how tolerant it is, show the pit bull as a very tolerant dog. The pit bull is the second most tolerant dog, second only to the golden retriever, which is championed as the perfect family dog. 

With the right education, Pit bulls are naturally sweet, caring and sensitive dogs.