Swiss scientists have been researching using LSD to alleviate anxiety.

The study, which focuses on clinical use of LSD, has been in progress for decades. The Santa Cruz Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies has been researching this since 2008, when a psychiatrist named Peter Gasser became the first medical researcher to obtain the approval to do LSD research since 1972. 

Prior to 1972, there were almost 700 studies on LSD and other psychedelic drugs. The research from back then suggested that LSD has remarkable potential in the medical field. In the 70’s, it was shown to reduce anxiety in terminally ill cancer patients, something that Gasser has also been investigating. LSD studies have suggested that LSD has helped advanced cancer patients reduce symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, sleep disturbances, psychological withdrawal, and in some cases severe pain. Gasser says the results so far look promising.

He’s concluded that LSD has helped people overcome their fear of death. After years of testing, Gasser’s team has now been conducting data analysis to finalize the study. What do you think? Could LSD grow to be a widely used prescribed drug?