Some call the man a “two legged spoiler”, because he almost always dies in his pieces. He was born in Sheffield, England and died in his first film in 1986 called “Caravaggio” as Ranuccio. He was naked a whole lot during the film, and then got his throat sliced open and died. 

His latest notable death was in the TV show “Game of Thrones” as Lord Eddard Stark who was beheaded by a sword. So, Bean has been dying over and over, sometimes multiple times per year, in movies and TV shows for over 20 years. Bean is a very accomplished actor, though. He isn’t killed off for lack of talent. 

He’s played in every type of media including theater, radio, TV, and movies. He’s played horrible villans to irresistible lovers. He’s also been so incredible warriors including Odysseus.

Check out the source for a compilation of his deaths.