Aimee Osbourne is a writer for Nylon Magazine who, in 2002, opted out of being on the MTV reality series “The Osbournes.” Aimee decided to have no involvement in the show that, at the time, was the highest viewed one on MTV. This meant that whenever she was in the house, the cameras weren’t allowed to record. 

She still appeared with her family on a few occasions, but never on the show. Usually, when family photos were on camera, her face would be blurred out. Even since the show finished airing in 2005, she has remained largely out of the public eye. 

She was seen on 20/20 with her whole family when Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer, and was involved with her family during the 30th Annual Music Awards, but never spoke about her family until December 2003. Then, she criticized MTV, claiming they were making her father a “laughing stock.” 

She appeared again with her family in 2006 for A&E’s Biography series, and was a guest on Piers Morgan’s show Life Stories in 2009. Today, she is still active in the fashion industry.