There are two individuals in the U.S. who have their own zip code: the president and Smokey the bear!

People take Smokey the bear pretty seriously. Smokey gets all kind of fan mail, so much so that he has been given his own zip code: 20252. The president is the only other person (if Smoky Bear is considered a person) to have his own zip code. 

Smokey Bear has had his zip code since 1964. The advertising to prevent wildfires began in 1942. Initially, they used propaganda relating to the war like “Careless Matches Aid the Axis" and "Our Carelessness, their Secret Weapon." 

Starting in 1944, they decided to use animals to advertise wildfire prevention. Originally, they were going to borrow Disney’s character Bambi, who already had the sympathy of people around the nation. They changed their mind, however, using a bear as their new mascot. Smoky the Bear was created on August 9th, 1944. He was named after an Assistant Fire Chief named Smokey Joe Martin. 

His first saying was "Care will prevent 9 out of 10 forest fires," and was created by the artist Albert Staehle. Later, the drawing of Smokey was taken on by Rudy Wendelin. Smokey got his slogan "Remember only you can prevent forest fires" in 1947.