Remember the good old days of sword fighting your sibling with wrapping paper tubes! Well, it’s a sport now. Yes, the Cardboard Tube Fighting League holds events in Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, California; and Sydney, Australia. 

The opponents go head to head and try to break each other’s tube without breaking their own. They also get points for cardboard costumes and theatrics. The fights are often held in parks and are open to people 5 years old and up. All events are free and the emphasis is on fun rather than competition. 

They even provide everyone with tubes. Their stated purpose is “to get people to play more.” The founders say they started the league, because people need to take themselves less seriously and learn that they can have fun without alcohol being involved. Plus, the obvious reason that cardboard sword fights are fun. The league was kicked off after only two months of planning in the summer of 2007.