The House of Bonaparte is an imperial and royal European dynasty founded by Napoleon I of France in 1804. Napoleon dominated Europe with the Grande Armee and put his family members as head of the states to ensure his dynasty. They were eventually ousted. 

Napoleon had no direct descendents, but the family line passes on through his brother, Jerome Bonaparte. Today, Napoleon’s great-great-great-grandnephew, Jean Christophe, is head of the Imperial House of Bonaparte. The House continues just in case France happens to want to put the dynasty back into power. 

Jean Christophe’s grandfather made him successor of him in his will instead of Jean Christophe’s father, Charles, who had chosen more republican stances and married without his blessing. The pass over never came between Charles and Jean Christophe, surprisingly. 

The Imperial House of Bonaparte doesn’t seem to really do anything. People who are sympathetic or pro Bonaparte party are called Bonapartists. I reckon that there aren’t a lot of them, though.